Mary Kempton.
13th October 1736
Reference Numbert17361013-2

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2 Mary Kempton , otherwise Campton , was

indicted for stealing 3 Suits of Cambrick Headcloaths value 26 s. 3 pair of Cambrick doubl Ruffles value 7 s. 6 d. 3 half Handkerchiefs laced value 4 s. 6 d. 1 pair of Gold Ear-rings value 3 s. 2 silver Girdle Buckles value 2 s. 2 silver Girdles value 1 s. a cambrick Tucker value 1 s. a silk Gown value 30 s. a silk Petticoat value 15 s. a damask Gown, lined with Silk value 50 s. a damask Petticoat value 25 s. 2 Holland Sheets value 15 s. 2 Pillowbiers value 3 s. a Holland Shirt value 9 s. 9 holland Shirts value 20 s. 2 dimity Wastcoats value 1 s. 6 d. a diaper Table Cloth value 2 s. and other Things, the Goods of John Lewis . And a Callimanco Gown value 4 s. a linnen Shirt value 1 s. 6 d. the Goods of William Green . And a camblet Gown value 4 s. a poplin Petticoat value 3 s. the Goods of Elenor Knelms , in the dwelling House of William Green , September 16 .

William Green. On the 16th of September, I was fetch'd to Mr. Kitchen's a Pawnbroker, where I found the Prisoner, who was my Servant , and one Gardiner Wright in Custody of the Constable. Mrs. Lewis had left 2 Trunks at my House, while she went to Holland; I found they had pawn'd a Suit of red damask Clothes, which I had seen Mrs. Lewis wear: Upon this I went home to examine the Trunks, I found the Cords of one cut at the Bottom, but the Ends were strained and put under the Trunk, that as it stood they seemed to be all whole, and the Lock was open. Then I went and asked my Maid, how she could do such a Thing? and she own'd she had taken the Things mention'd in the Indictment, of Mrs. Lewis's, out of the Trunk. She confess'd she had taken a Band-box of Linnen, 3 Suits of Headcloths, and the 3 half Handkerchiefs, 3 pair of double Ruffles, 2 Girdles, and silver Buckles to them, one set with Stones, and a little Case, with a pair of gold Ear Rings. A Padesoy Gown, she own'd she took out of another Trunk; and this Confession she made while she was in the Constable's Custody. One pair of Holland Sheets, she had lent to a Neighbour, and were found on their Bed. Two Wastcoats we found at Mr. Wright's, and a bundle of Linnen, which she had taken out of the Trunks, we found under the Prisoner's Bed. Three Shifts, a Sheet, and 2 dimity Petticoats, were pawn'd by one Ann Gaines ; she took a Callimanco Gown of my Wife's, and an old Shirt of mine; a Camblet Gown and a Poplin Petticoat of Mrs. Knelms; one Shift of Mrs. Lewis's she had on her Back, when she was taken.

Mary Lewis . I left two Trunks at Mr. Greens while I went to my Husband in Holland; while I was gone, they were cut and broke, and the Things mentioned in the Indictment taken away. Some of the Linnen the Prisoner had cut up, some Things she had given away, which were sent me again when she was taken up. I put up in those Trunks 3 suits of laced Headcloaths, 3 pair of double Ruffles, and half Handkerchief, a pair of gold Ear Rings, 2 silver Girdles and Buckles, one of them set with Stones, a Cambrick Tucker, a silk Gown and Coat, a suit of black Padesoy, 2 Holland Sheets, 2 Pillowbiers, a Holland Shirt, and 5 Shifts, 2 Dimity Wastcoats, a Table Cloth, a Silk Apron, and a Muslin Apron, all which I miss'd out of the Trunks; she had cut the Cords, opened the Locks, and one of these Trunks I found cut at one End.

Robert Piercy . Sue Wright brought the 3 Suits of Headcloaths to our House to pawn, with 3 pair of Ruffles, and 3 half Handkerchiefs, a Tucker, a pair of gold Ear Rings, 2 Silver Girdles and Buckles My Master's Name is Bower; we asked whose Goods they were, and she told us, they belonged to a substantial House Keeper, who was in Trouble: We knew Wright and lent her Money on them.

Mr. Lewis. These are my Goods now produced.

Susan Wright . I have nothing to say against the Prisoner. I took her to be honest; she told me these Things belonged to Mr. Westby in Charter house Square; she said he had beat a Man, and his Life being despaired of, Mr. Westby was thrown into Clerkenwell Prison, and this Money was to support him there. I had a Guinea and a half upon them, and she gave me a Shilling for my Trouble.

Gardiner Wright . The Prisoner brought a black Padesoy Gown and Petticoat to my Room, and desired me to pawn them for Money to redeem Mr. Westby out of Trouble. I got 40 s. upon them, and had a Shilling my self; these are the Cloaths I pawned.

Mrs. Lewis. These Cloaths are mine.

Q. Have you any Witnesses? (To the Prisoner.)

Prisoner. No, I did this by my self, no body was with me, so I have nothing to say in the Business. Guilty Death .

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