Edward Row, William Hampton, Theft > burglary, 8th September 1736.

Reference Number: t17360908-7
Offence: Theft > burglary
Verdict: Guilty; Not Guilty
Punishment: Death
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12, 13. Edward Row and William Hampton , were indicted (with Alexander Ratcliff not taken) for breaking and entering the House of Thomas Gibson , at Islington , about the Hour of 2 in the Night, and stealing a silver Watch, value 4 l. a silver Porringer, value 30 s. a silver Cup, value 3 l. a silver Spoon, value 10 s. a pair of silk Stockings, value 10 s. the Goods of Thomas Gibson , March the 26th, 1735 .

Thomas Gibson. At the Time mention'd in the Indictment, my Servant and I was at work in the Bake House: I sent my Servant out for a Thing we make use of in out Business, and he was seized in the Yard, and made a great Outcry: I was surpriz'd, and took up a long Pole (with which we rub the Fire about in the Oven,) and went into the Yard, to see what the matter was; but before I had got the length of the Pole, a Pistol was fir'd at me, and wounded me in my Breast and my Arm: A second Pistol wounded me in my Face and beat me backwards: Two of them took me up in their Arms and laid me on the Ground in the Bake-House: Then they brought my Man in, and after they had taken him to several Places to shew them where the Candles were, they brought him to me, with a Handkerchief ty'd before his Eyes, and sat him down by me: Two of them stood over us while the others robbed the House; according to our Information, there was half a Dozen of them, and the Man who gave the first Information, was try'd in this Court, and has been executed. After they had committed this Fact, they all sted to Ireland, but Ward, who made the Information against Row and Hampton. My Servant will swear to Row, and the Evidence that took him, will give an Account of his confessing the Fact.

Eryan Bird . I was Servant to Mr. Gibson at the Time he was robb'd, and was at work in the Bake house about 2 o'Clock; I went into the Yard for a Scovel which hung on the Backside of the Oven, facing the Back house, Row and his Companions rushed on me, and I was so surprized, that I could not tell how many there were of them: but they presented Pistols to my Breast, and Row stood with a Sword to guard me, while the rest went into my Master. I heard them discharge a Brace of Pistols at him, and I saw the Flash of the Powder. Row afterwards made me go into the Bake-house, and seeing my Master lie upon the Ground, I thought he was dead: he made me stand with my Face to the Oven's Mouth, and took his own Handkerchief, and bound about my Eyes, while the rest went up to rifle the House, They broke open a strong Door of a Chamber, and a Chest of Drawers, and took Money, and what they thought proper. As to Hampton we took him up on Suspicion before, but we could make nothing of him.

John White . I went to Ireland in pursuit of Hall and Dillon: George Ward (who was executed) I took in Bridgewater. Row I took in Dublin last January, I was sent over, by the Justices of

Bridgewater, with a Copy of Ward's Confession. I charged the Prisoner with the Robbery, when I took him; he deny'd it at first, but when I shew'd him; Ward's Confession, he said, if Mr. Gibson would make haste and get him over to England, he would be of Service to the Town; and if his Evidence might be admitted, he would make a fuller Discovery than Ward had done: he said, Mr. Gibson might recollect, that he was more merciful to him, than any of the Rest.

Bird. My Master is not able to give an Account of that, he was wounded, and in Pain. Row stood as a Guard, and Ward would have kill'd him, but Row was indeed more merciful.

Gibson. These are the Stockings, which they took out of my House

White. I bought them of Ward and Row.

Bird. Ward and Row were together when they were bought; the Prisoner swore that Ward had bought them in Drury-Lane, for a Crown.

Gibson. I have another Man now in Custody at Dublin, when he is brought over, I don't know how Hampton may appear. Ward put him in his Information. Row Guilty . Death . Hampton Acquitted .

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