Thomas Dwyer, James O Neal.
8th September 1736
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16, 17. Thomas Dwyer and James O Neal , were indicted for assaulting James Maintrew on the King's High-way, putting him in fear, and taking from him a silver Watch, value 40 s. a Tortoishell Snuff-box, value 20 s. a pair of silver Shoe buckles, value 6 s. a pair of Knee-buckles, value 5 s. a pair of silver Spurs, value 25 s. a silver Stock buckle, value 5 s. a Cambrick Stock, value 1 s. a Holland Shirt, a Hat, a Peruke, a Cloth Coat. Wastcoat, Whip, and other Things, and 2 s. in Money , July the 31 st .

They were a second Time indicted for assaulting Daniel Hawkins , in an open Place near the King's High-way, putting him in fear, and taking from him 32 silver Buttons, 7 Guineas, 7 Shillings, in Money and other Things , August the 3 d .

They were a third Time indicted for stealing a black Gelding, value 12 l. the Goods of Daniel Hawkins, August the 3d.

James Maintrew . July the 31st, I was coming from Horton in Buckinghamshire; at Beggars-bush, between Acton and Kensington , there is a Bridge, and by that Bridge there is a Dunghill and a Gate. On the middle of the Bridge I met a Man upon a black Horse: I was attack'd by him and another who came up to him; they had each of them a Pistol in their left Hands, and a Truncheon in their right. They made me dismount, and carry'd me over the Gate, into a Field, then put me into a Ditch and searched my Pockets: They took away the Things mention'd in the Indictment, and which I swear to. They gagg'd me and stripp'd me quite naked; my Hands were ty'd behind me, my left Leg fasten'd up to my Hands, and my right Leg lash'd to the other: Then they drew me out of the Ditch into a Furrow, where I lay 'till 12 o'Clock at Night, when a Man coming by released me. I am positive to the 2 Prisoners, for it was light enough to see their Faces; I heard nothing of them, 'till they were taken up for robbing Mr. Hawkins, 3 Days afterwards; then I went to see them, and knew them to be the Men that robb'd me.

Barns. Dwyer was taken up on suspicion of robbing Mr. Hawkins, and to save himself he desired before Mr. De Viel to be made an Evidence. I was in pursuit of O Neal when my Beadle stopp'd him; and he too desired to be made an Evidence: I have got the Slugs which I drew out of O Neal's Pistols, which we took from him.

Daniel Hawkins . On Tuesday the 3d of last Month, I was robb'd by the 2 Men at the Barr, about a quarter of a Mile from Stone-bridge, on the Harrow road, about 9 o'Clock at Night. O Neal catch'd hold of my Horse and led him into Mr. Newman's Ground, and Dwyer lay'd hold of me, and led me about 20 Poles length into the Field. Under a Hedge they laid me down; O Neal took 7 Guineas and some Silver from me, and cut off my Silver Buttons; they cut my Coat and Wastcoat down, and took Cloth and Buttons together, and the Buckles out of my Shoes: When they had robbed me, I was going to get up, but Dwyer struck me with his Stick, and say'd, they had not done with me; then O Neal pulled a Handkerchief out of his Pocket, and ty'd my Hands behind me; but before he had done, Dwyer got upon my Horse and rode away with him. O Neal bid me lye still, for he should bring me more Company presently. Mr. Newman met them both upon my black Horse as they were riding off; they rid as far as they thought proper, then turn'd up my Horse, and I found him again.

Constable. I took these Buckles upon O Neal.

Hawkins. These are the Buckles they took from me. I heard nothing of the Men 'till Thursday, when a Man came from Turnham green and told me a Man was taken there, with such Goods as I had lost upon him; I went and saw O Neal there, and had him before a Justice.

Newman. I came from Paddington with Mr. Hawkins: We drank together at Halsden-green; and he went away about half an Hour before me. As I came home, I met 2 Men upon his Horse, within a quarter of a Mile from the Place where he was robb'd, I knew the Horse very well; and O Neal rid hindmost. The next Morning I heard that Mr. Hawkins had been robb'd in my Field, and there my Maid found his Whip: We printed Bills for the Horse; Dwyer was taken and confess'd in hopes of being made an Evidence.

Joseph Green . The 2 Prisoners lodged in my House in James's street, near Grosvener square. They told me they dealt in Lace and Holland, and carry'd Packs about the Country. They lodged about 9 Days with me, and in that Time they lay out 4 Nights, and the last Time 2 Nights successively: Once when they came home they quarrell'd and fought about sharing some Money, and a loaded Pistol was found in their Bed: My People told me of that, and I went for a Constable to charge them on suspicion; but the Constable would not come without a Warrant; I could not find a Justice at home, so I came back to my House, and found the 2 Men were gone; but Dwyer coming to a Pawnbrokers to redeem a Coat, he was taken up on suspicion of being a Highwayman.

John Stokes . I carry'd Dwyer before Justice De Viel, who examin'd him two several Times; at last he confess'd that O Neal and he had robb'd near Brentford. I went to Brentford and found out Mr. Hawkins: O Neal was now taken, and when Hawkins saw them both, he knew them. Dwyer made him a Bow, and asked him if he had used him ill or hurt him: The silver Buttons were found upon Dwyer, and the Buckles upon O Neal, before the Justice.

Dwyer. I can't tell what to say to it.

O Neal. 'Tis a Folly for me to say any Thing; I am in a Fever and cannot dispute. Both guilty of the Indictment. Death .

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