John Talton, Thomas Bully, Theft > animal theft, 5th May 1736.

Reference Number: t17360505-55
Offence: Theft > animal theft
Verdict: Guilty; Not Guilty
Punishment: Death
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62, 63. John Talton and Thomas Bully , were indicted for stealing a black Gelding, value 45 s. and a black Colt, value 5 l. the Goods of Thomas Page , Feb. 26 .

Talton. I beg I may be made an Evidence. I made myself an Evidence before Justice Joyner, concerning these Horses.

John Page . I saw something of an Information at the Justices, but I told him I wanted none of his Evidence. I lost an old black Golding and a black Colt the 20th of Feb. out of a Farm Yard, in the Parish of Penn in Buckinghamshire : the Prisoners I never saw till Yesterday.

William Biddlecomb . I bought the old'Black Horse of Talton at the Blazing-Star in Old-Street, on the 26th of Feb. he then went by the Name of John Still ; I gave a Guinea and a half for him; he said he had him out of the Country to sell. I have the Horse now, for I wantted one to go in a Mill; and he taking to the Work, I have bought him again of the right Owner.

Philip Morton . I saw the two Horses at the Blazing-Star: Talton ask'd me to buy the Black Horse, but he seem'd unwilling I should see the Colt. Biddlecomb came in, and struck a Bargain for the old Horse, and gave Talton a Guinea and a half for him, who put a Halter on him and delivered him.

George Philips . I cheapened the Horses of Talton; he asked me 7 Guineas for the Colt, and 3 Guineas for the Horse, at the Blazing-Star, Feb. 26. I am positive they are the same Horses that Page owne'd.

Mr. Knight. The Horses being lost from Penn, I had a Letter from Page to advertise them. I printed 500 Bills, and distributed them in Smithfield and proper Placs, and presently I receiv'd Notice that the old Horse had been put up at the Blazing-Star. I went and view'd him, and made Oath before a Justice, that I believed the Horse was the same that Page had lost. After this I had Information that the Colt was in the Pound at Shoreditch, and the Man that keeps the Pound brought him to me; for I had offer'd half a Guinea for one, and a Guinea for the other. I did not see either of the Horses at the Blazing-Star; the old Horse I saw at the Man's House who bought him, next Door but one to the Blazing-Star. Having been inform'd who he had the Horse of, I took one of the Witnesses with me, and went to New-Prison to see him, for he was sent there, for stealing the Countess of Harold's Turkeys: I found he was to be carried down to Justice Chandler about this Affair. I went to the Justice's, and gave him an Account of the Horses; while I was there, Talton was brought before him, and while he was under Examination, Bully, the other Prisoner was taken. Talton made a Confession before the Justice; and after it had been read to him, I saw him sign it.

Read the Confession.

The Information of John Talton , of Reading in Berkshire, Bricklayer , taken on Oath this Day before me one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace.

Who saith, 'That Thomas Bully was concerned ' with this Informant and Leonarnd Talton, ' in stealing a Horse and a Colt at Penn in ' Buckinghamshire, and a Mare, the Goods of a Person unknown.'

Talton gave a long Account of his taking the Horses, but said nothing Material in his Defence.

Talton guilty Death . Bully acquitted .

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