Thomas Bulker, Violent Theft > highway robbery, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 15th January 1736.

12. Thomas Bulker , of Stepney , was indicted for robbing Thomas Gwillim , in the King's Highway, of a Hat, value 8s. and other Things . the Goods of Thomas Gwillim , on the 1st of January .

He was a 2d Time indicted, (with Edward Pointer , not yet taken) for robbing George

Lord , in the King's Highway, of a Cloath Coat, value 10s. and other Things , the 31st of December last.

Thomas Gwillin. On New Year's Day at Night about 7 o'Clock, going to Stepney , near the Halfway-house, it being Star-light, I met the Prisoner; he asked me what a Clock it was: I told him, I did not know; he passed on, and I had not got above ten Yards beyond the Halfway-house, before he came back; You are soon come back, says I; yes, says he, I have got two or three more with me. I went on, and he followed me, and struck at me with a Club; I turned and got hold of the Club, but he wrenched it out of my Hands, and struck me twice; then I tumbled down; he asked me what Wig I had got: I told him it cost me 18d. tho' the Wig cost me 3l. He took it, and said he must strip me; then he hit me down again, and stripped me naked; he left me nothing on, but my Stockings and Garters, and I had 3 Fields to go over in this Condition. I got to the House I was going to and gave an Account of my being robbed. I met no one but an Oyster-man, who sprung with Surprize from me: I can swear to the Prisoner, because I walked over some Fields with him. He had my Breeches on when he was before the Justice, they were Grey Breeches, and had been seated; my Knee Buckels were in them, they were two odd Mettal Buckels, they are here in Court, and are the same he took from me. I was robbed on Thursday, and on the Tuesday following he was taken, and carried before Justice Farmer. I had this Pipe-picker in my Breeches Pocket, this we found in the Breeches upon him, and it is the same that I lost with my Breeches; the Things have been in the Custody of the Constable ever since.

Mary Chandler . I lodged in the House which the Prisoner frequented, 'tis in Love-Lane at the lower End of Old-Gravel-Lane. On New-Year's-Day at Night he went out; he had on when he went out a new pair of Trowsers, which he rolled up about his Knees, and tied up with a piece of Rope; he had a Handkerchief about his Neck, which he took off, and tied about his Wast pretty tight; then he lifted up his Hat, and tucked his Hair under it. As he was going out, I said, Tom, where are you going? he answer'd, G - d D - n his Blood, this very Night either to win the Saddle, or lose it. He came in again about 9 o'Clock, with a new Hat, a white Wig, a Bird's-Ey'd Handkerchief about his Neck; a white Coat with open Sleeves, a black flowered Wast-Coat, a pair of Grey Breeches, with Knee Buckels in them. I took Notice enough of the Breeches and Knee Buckels to swear to them again: (Then they were produced.) Yes, I will swear to these Breeches, and to these Buckels; he had a pair of new Shoes, and a white Shirt, pieced in the fore Flap. when he came in he sat down by the Fire, and Tom, says I, where did you get these Cloaths? 'tis pity you are not charged with an Officer: G - d D - n your Blood, says he, tell me of an Officer, and you shan't tell who did your Business for you.

Q. What sort of a Coat and Wastcoat did you lose?

Gwillim. A whitish Coat and black flowered Calamanco Wastcoat.

John Badger was called, but he only assisted in taking the Prisoner; he knew nothing of the Fact.

William Lilly . I assisted likewise in taking him, and having sent for the Prosecutor, the Breeches and Buckles were found upon him, when he was before the Justice. They were odd Buckles, the one White, the other Yellow. He was searched, and in one of his Pockets this Pipe-picker was found; You Rogue, says Mr. Gwillim, this confutes you. Mr. Farmer bid him pull off the Breeches; and asked him, if he had any to put ou? No; says he, without you'll let me send for my Trowsers.

Joseph Pool , Constable, deposed to the same Effect

The Prisoner denied the Fact, and called Clemency Sutton to prove his buying the Breeches in Rag Fair; but no one appearing, nor any one to his Character, the Jury found him Guilty . Death .

He was a second Time indicted as above.

Geo Fd . Coming from Work at Lime-house-Hole, December 30. I came thro' Stepney ; my Mother lives near the Half-way-house, so I called in there, and came out again, about 6 o'Clock in the Evening. There were two Men talking at Torkington's Door, and as I turned the Corner,

I saw one of them run to the other Corner to get there before me. When I came to the Posts, the Prisoner asked me the Way to White-Chappel: I am a Stranger, says he, so I put him in the readiest Way. I want to go to Ragg-Fair, says he: I told him I was going that Way. As we went on, he told me he came from Portsmouth, and had been at Stepney: He kept a little behind me, and, on a sudden, gave me two Blows with his Stick; the second Blow brought me down; then holding his Stick a cross my Head, he demanded my Money. I told him, I was a poor labouring Fellow, and had none. I had two Silver Buckles in my Pocket, and thought to have dropped them; but he laid hold of them, and took 8 d. from me in Money. Then he bid me get up, and I saw two of them; they pulled off my Cloth Coat, with a Boot sleeve, and my Waistcoat: the other Man said to the Prisoner, let us leave him his Waistcoat; but he cried, D - n me, I should not have it, and made me pull off my Breeches. then he bid me pull off my Shirt. I told him it was good for nothing; but they insisted on having it, and my Shoes too, or they would shoot me thro' the Head. I begged they would not leave me naked, and they gave me a Knock or two over the Shoulders, and said, If I offered to run after them, they would turn again, and shoot me thro' the Head; so I went back to my Mother's. I can swear to the Prisoner, for I have known him from a Child, and went to School with him. I knew him as soon as he had knocked me down, and should have known him before. had not his Hat been flapped over his Face, which I did not see till he knocked me down. I went to see him in Newgate, and he would not know me; but while we were drinking in the Tap house, he called me by a Nick-Name (Joaney) I go by, and owned he had called me to mind now.

George Westwood appeared, but had nothing material to say He was one who assisted in takeing the Prisoner. The Jury found him guilty . Death .

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