Joseph Cole.
10th December 1735
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9. Joseph Cole , was indicted for breaking and entering the House of John Chamberlain , and stealing a silver Pint Mug, two silver Spoons, three silver Tea Spoons, one silver Salt, one silver Pepper Box, a pair of Brass Tea Tongs, a Copper Tea Kettle, a pair of Damask Shoes, two Shirts, two Shirts, three Towels, a Table Cloth, a Suit of Pinners, a Muslin Hood, a Hat and a pair of Pumps, November 7 , between eight and nine at Night .

John Chamberlain . I live in Cock-Lane, West-Smithfield . On the seventh of November, between eight and nine at Night, the Street Door of my House was broke open first, and then the Door of my Closet, from whence my Plate and other Goods were taken.

Then the Prisoner's Confession made November the tenth before Sir Richard Brocas , was proved and read in Court. He confest that on the seventh of November about eight at Night, he and Alex Rathe broke open a House in Cock-Lane, and took the Plate and other Goods (mentioned in the Indictment) and sold the Plate to Thomas Whitehead, a Watchmaker in George-Alley by the Ditch-side for four Guineas, and that Whitehead melted all the Plate down.

Edward Lawrence . Here is a Copper Tea Kettle, a Shirt, and a pair of Brass Tea Tongs, which I found in the Prisoner's Room.

Prosecutor. These are my Goods.

Lawrence. I have been Constable two or three Years on the other side of the Water - A Neighbour of mine having had his House broke open, I suspected the Prisoner, because he had been an Evidence against Williams, Isaacson, and Gulliford (in February last.) I and G. Holderness went to look for him, and making Enquiy, we heard that the Prosecutor's House had been broke open too. We found the Prisoner abed in his Room

in Black-boy Alley in Chick-Lane. We secured him and four or five Women who were in the same Room. Perceiving a loose Board in the Floor we took it up, and found a Dark Lanthorn, a piece of Wax Candle, a Tinder Box, and these two Iron Instruments. I asked him what he did with them. He told me they were his Mills, with which he could open any Door in England - This with the Claw at the End of it is to wrench with, and this with the Round Hole is to put over the Head of a Bolt to force it out. Next Morning he desired to be made an Evidence. I asked him how many Accomplices he had. Why, says he. If you had let me alone but one Night longer, I and three more were to have milled a Silversmith and then I could have jamm'd three or four, but now I can do but one, and that's Alexander Rathe . Indeed I had another Friend, but he was buried last Night, or else I could have done for two.

Prisoner. This Lawrence broke open my Room and took me and my Wife and three more Women, and carried us to the Compter; but he not being a Constable on this side the Water, the Keeper would not take us in, tho' I desired him to do it; and so Lawrence carried us over the Water; and G - D - your Blood, says he, If you don't turn Evidence, I shall find some that will swear against you. As for the Mills, they were left at my Room by John Stanley , on whose Evidence John Chickley was apprehended.

The Jury found him Guilty . Death .

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