William Lewis, Elizabeth Morris.
11th September 1735
Reference Numbert17350911-15
SentencesDeath; Transportation

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18. William Lewis , was indicted for breaking and entering the House of Daniel Lee in the Night, and stealing three Silver Tankards, value 20 l. May 23 . And

19. Elizabeth Morris , Wife of John Morris , for receiving the same knowing them to be stolen , May 24 .

Daniel Lee , at the Rose and Crown Alehouse in Short's Gardens . My House was broke open May 23, between twelve and one in the Morning. The Entrance was made at my Window, from whence they came through the Celler, broke open a Cupboard, and took the three Tankards, which weighed about eighty Ounces.

Abraham Davenport . The Prisoner Lewis and I, committed this Fact. He pulled up one of the Bars with his Hand, and with that Bar he wrenched up the others; and then I standing to watch, he went in and brought out the Tankards. We went with them first to Mrs. Pritchard's at the Brill, but it being so soon in the Morning, she would not let us in, and so we carried them to Mrs. Morris, in Eagle Court in the Strand, and knocked her up about two in the Morning. Her Husband let us in. At first she seem'd scrupulous of dealing with us, for she said she had been in trouble on the like Account. * Lewis had been recommended to her, but she said she did not know that I went abroad (that is a Thieving.) though she knew something of me when I was Apprentice to a Glass Blower in the Strand. We told her she need fear no harm from us, for no body was concerned in it but our selves. About eight the same (Saturday) Morning, her Son fetched some Charcoal to melt the Plate. We melted it below Stairs while she was above, and then we carried it up to her. She weighed it with old Leaden Weights, and said there was forty six Ounces in all, and reckoning it at four Shillings an Ounce it came to nine Pound odd. She gave us five Guineas then, and the Remainder on the Thursday following - I made my Information seven or eight Weeks ago before Justice Deveil.

* She was tried in April, 1733. but acquitted. She was an Evidence for William Roberts alias Hampton, in December, 1732.

Edward Post . I had a Warrant (on the Information of Margery Williams ) for apprehending Lewis. In the Morning when she came to go with me, she bid me take help enough, for he was very desperate. We

went to his Lodging next to the Black Jack in Dyot Street about seven in the Morning, and the Door being ajar, we entered and seized him abed. In the Room we found all these things, two Hangers, a Pick-lock-key, a Dark Lanthorn, Pistols, Powder and Bullets.

Davenport. This Pick-lock-key we bought of Morris's Son.

Morris. I was not at home at the time he swears they sold me this Plate.

Mary Elwall . I went to her House four Days before Whitsuntide, and she being ill, I invited her to come to my House in Swan Alley in Goswell street for the benefit of the Air; and so she came and staid there nine or ten Days.

Sarah Richmond . I remember it very well, for I lodged at Mrs. Elwall's at the same time.

The Jury found them both Guilty . Lewis received Sentence of Death ; and Morris to be transported for fourteen Years .

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