William Williams, William Isaacson, Richard Gulliford, Robert Jacks.
26th February 1735
Reference Numbert17350226-47
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty
SentencesDeath; Death

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37, 38, 39. William Williams , William Isaacson , and Richard Gulliford , were indicted for breaking the House of Richard Ridgley , and stealing a Shew Glass, a Gold Chain and Locket, eleven Silver Spoons, two Silver Tea Spoons, three Pair of Silver Tongs, a Pair of Silver Spurs, a Silver Milk Mug, and other things, Decembber 8 in the Night .

Richard Ridgly . My House, the Golden Ball in St. John Street , was broke open on the eighth of December in the Night while I was abed. I was called up by the Watch, about four in the Morning. A Square Hole was cut in my Shutter and so the Pin was unkey'd, the Shutter taken down, and my Shew Glass, with above fifty Pounds worth of Goods in it, was taken away.

Joseph Cole . The Prisoners and I lived together in a House in the Rope Walk, in Old Street. On Monday Morning the beginning of December, between one and two, we all went to the Prosecutor's House. Gulliford cut a Hole in the Shutter. I took out the Pin. Isaacson went in and handed out the Shew Glass to Williams and me. We carried it to our House. Next Morning each of us took a Gold Ring, a Stone Ring, a Pair of Silver Buckles and Buttons, and a Silver Spoon for our own use. The rest of the Silver and the Gold Chain we sold to Elizabeth Whitehead , who is run away; she gave us fifty Shillings for the Gold Chain, and ten Pound sixteen Shillings for the Silver, which was fifty four Ounces, at four Shillings an Ounce.

- Plaxton. Williams threw this Pistol away, when I and Frank Walker apprehended him.

Cole. I have got the fellow to it. Williams and I pawn'd our Buckles, and bought this Pair of Pistols to shoot the Thief Takers.

The Jury found them Guilty . Death .

They were a second time indicted with Robert Jacks , for breaking the House of Ivon Lenain , and stealing 2 lb of Sewing Silk, twenty four Dozen of Ferris, and forty Pieces of Tape, January 5 in the Night .

Ivon Lenain . I live against the Knave of Clubs in Club Row, Spittle Fields . My House was broke open on the fifth of January, in the Night, and my Goods taken away.

Joseph Cole . The Prisoners and I were concerned in this Fact. Isaacson got upon a Bulk under the Window, and with a Mill (as we call it) drew the Hooks and took down one Shutter, which he put into a Cellar Window a good way off. Then he took out the Goods. I stood at one Door with a Pistol, and Williams at the other, and Jacks looked out. This was between two and three in the Morning. We sold the Goods to Elizabeth Whitehead for thirty five Shillings, and shared seven Shillings a piece. I have known Jacks a Year and a half, but never was with him in any Robbery besides this, except one. We became acquainted at Mrs. Whiteheads. She liv'd in Jewin Street and sold Greens, for a pretence that People might not suspect that she dealt in stolen Goods.

Several Witnesses deposed that they never heard an ill Character of Jacks till he was taken up on this occasion.

The Jury found them all guilty . Death .

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