Matth.ias Fream, Theft > grand larceny, Miscellaneous > perverting justice, 26th February 1735.

Reference Number: t17350226-11
Offences: Theft > grand larceny; Miscellaneous > perverting justice
Verdicts: Guilty
Punishments: Transportation
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11. Matth.ias Fream , a Soldier , was indicted for stealing a Hat, value 8 s. the Goods of Thomas Parr , April 22 .

He was a second time indicted for rescuing Ann Ward , and Bridget Fream out of the Custody of a Constable , April 22 .

Thomas Parr . On the 22d of, April last in the Evening, I was called by Mr. Price to carry two Shop-lifters, Ann Ward, and Bridget Fream , from the Round-house before Justice Hilder, who made their Commitment to the Gate-house A Coach was call'd for that purpose: The Coach-man drove down Rose Street, into an Alley where a House had been burnt down, which occasioned a Stop for a Quarter of an Hour. At about eight o'Clock we came into St. Martin's Lane , where the Prisoner and eight or nine more attacked us, broke the Coach-Doors to pieces, and rescued the Woman. My Hat was beat off in the Fray, and I saw the Prisoner take it up and carry it away.

Prisoner. How can you be sure that I took it when several others were there?

Parr. He staid the last Man of the Mob: The rest were gone a little before when he took my Hat up - When the two Women were in the Round-house that Afternoon, he came several times to them. The last time was about five o'Clock when his Wife bid him make haste: And he answered, I'll be ready for ye, and I warrant ye I'll do your Business.

Several other Witnesses deposed to the same effect, and the Jury found the Prisoner Guilty of both Indictments.

[Transportation. See summary.]

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