William Howard, Theft > burglary, 11th September 1734.

Reference Number: t17340911-40
Offence: Theft > burglary
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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48. William Howard , was indicted for breaking and entering the House of Thomas Taylor , and stealing a Coat, Waistcoat, and Breeches, 3 pair of Shoes, 3 Shirts, 2 Smocks, a pair of Boots, 2 Hats, 3 Wigs, 2 Tea-Spoons, 5 Dishes, 11 Plates, 3 Spoons, and 2 Brass-candlesticks, the Goods of Thomas Taylor ; and other Things, the Properties of divers Persons, May 5 . in the Night time .

Thomas Taylor. My House was broke open on the 5th of May, between 1 and 2 in the Morning, and my Goods taken away. I heard that the Prisoner was in the Compter, and made an Information. I went to him and he readily told me that he enter'd at my Bake-house Window, and then open'd the Street Door and let in one of his Accomplices; and another Accomplice stood to watch, while they brought out the Goods; and he named most of the particulars.

James Davis . I went with the Prosecutor to the Compter, the Prisoner put out a Paper, and said to the Prosecutor, this is a List of the Goods you have Lost. And then shewing his, he added - And these are your Shoes.

Thomas Hill . I heard him own the Fact, and, (shewing his Feet) he said these are Mr. Taylor's Shoes. And (pointing to another Prisoner) That's one of his Wigs upon that Man's Head - And, says he, when I broke into the House, I was afraid Mr. Taylor was coming down; but if he had, he would never have gone up again alive - We put the Goods into Sacks, and so past the Watch in Theobald's Row; but they never offer'd to Stop us.

This was confirm'd by - Wright, the Prosecutor's Servant.

Prisoner. I was in Company with Will. Wig and James Goodman , and they told me several Particulars of this Robbery, and the Prosecutor told me the rest, and I having been guilty of some trifling Things, such as picking Pockets and the like, was willing to clear my self by turning Evidence.

Mr. Taylor, again. I can't say the Prisoner told me of every individual Particular relating to this Fact; but he mentioned so many, that I thought he could not have known them if he had not been concerned - He was an Evidence against 3 Prisoners last Sessions, but they were all acquitted.*

* Will. Jackson, Will. Gulliford and Garterin Jack. See Sessions Paper, p. 161.

The Jury found him Guilty . Death .

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