Thomas Macguire, Theft > animal theft, 11th September 1734.

Reference Number: t17340911-28
Offence: Theft > animal theft
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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35. Thomas Macguire , was indicted for stealing a black Gelding value 5 l. the Property of John Shipwith , Aug. 1 .

John Shipwith. I heard from Mr. James at Whetstone , that my Horse was stole out of his Grounds.

Thomas James . The Horse was put into my Grounds the last of July at Night; I mist him on the first of August, and heard of him again the same Morning. Mr. Hare of Barnet told me that a Man was stopt there for stealing a Horse. I went thither and found the Prisoner with Mr. Shipwith's Horse. The Prisoner said he found the Horse in the Road, and was going with him to London-bridge. I told him, from Whetstone to Barnet was the wrong way to London-bridge.

Thomas Nickson . I put the Horse in the Field over Night, and tied the Gate with a Halter.

Humphry Buckle , Constable. The Prisoner said he met a Man who desir'd him to ride the Horse, and said he would soon overtake him.

Richard Nickols . Hearing Somebody cry out stop him, I laid hold of the Horse's Bridle, and stopt him at my own Door in Barnet, and ask'd the Prisoner where he was going. He said to London-bridge. I told him he was going the Road to St. Albans-Well, says he, a Man lent me the Horse to ride, and I am going but 2 or 3 Miles farther.

Edward Ward . The Prisoner came riding along by Barnet Market, he had no Shoes, and the Horse had no Saddle, but only a Brible, which made me suspect the Horse was stolen; and therefore I ran after him, the Prisoner began to gallop: I call'd out, Stop him! And he was stopt by Mr. Nichols.

The Jury found him Guilty . Death .

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