Elizabeth Tracey, Ann Knight.
10th July 1734
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21, 22. Elizabeth Tracey , and Ann Knight , were indicted, with Judith Murray not yet taken, for high Treason: in making

30 false and counterfeit Six-pences , Feb. 20. in the 6th Year of the King .

They were a second time indicted for making 20 false and counterfeit Shillings .

Ann St. Laurence . My Brother-in-law, * John Brown (who married my Sister Margaret) brought me acquainted with this Knight, and that Tracey in November, 1733. I saw them first at my Brother's Room, in Mercer-Street behind Long-Acre, but the Prisoner liv'd in White-Lion-Street, near the 7 Dials - My Brother is now Dead.

* John Brown, and Margaret his Wife, alias Margaret Berry , were condemn'd for Coining in October 1733. Session Paper. Numb. 8. p. 222.

Council. How did he die?

St. Laurence. He suffer'd.

Council. Was he hang'd?

St. Laurence. Yes, for Coining - God rest his Soul - and my Sister was condemn'd too, but proving with Child she was afterwards Transported - Poor Woman! When she first married him she did not know what Trade he follow'd - But he came home one day Alefied, and struck her, and said she must part with Hereticks, or be damn'd - For ye must know he was a Papish.

Council. Do you know any thing of their Coining?

St. Laurence. Yes, about the 30th of Jan. was 12 month, I went to see my Brother the Prisoner, and Judith Murray was with him. They appear'd a little surpriz'd: But he told them, they need not be afraid, for I was his Wife's Sister - I saw them produce Six-pences out of an Iron Mould, for they said, they had made use of wooden Moulds, but did not like them, because they warped. Tracey had a Pipe in her Mouth when I came in, and held her Apron up so. Judith Murray was cleaning a Pipkin, and Knight stood with her back against the Dresser. But as soon as my Brother had put them out of their fears, Tracey put the Pipe into the fire, and melted some Metal. Then she held her Knees so - And the Iron frame so - And took out the Pipe, and pour'd the Metal into the Frame, and when it was cold she threw out Shillings. I did not see Knight do any thing then; but afterwards I saw her clip the nobs off the Sixpences, and cut them smooth on the Edges, and then file them, and rub them smooth in a Flannel. At the End of August, or beginning of September, I went to Mr. Strong, [or Stahan's Cellar] at the Fox in King-Street by the Seven Dials, and there was Tracey and Catherine Bougle , and Mary Haycock , and her Daughter Nanny. Mother Haycock was making half Crowns to go into the Country, for she said they cou'd put them off better in the Country than in Town, for the Country People were not so cautious; but Six-pences were left for London. Damn me, says Tracey, if I would ever go into the Country with half Crowns, as long as I get a Crown a Night in London with Six pences. The Prisoners both engaged me to put off Money for them. I have put off ten or twelve Shillings a Night, and had half for my Pains - We used to buy Smallcoal, Tape, Thread, or any odd triflle to get Change.

Tracey. She had no Occasion to put off bad Money for me when she could have enough from her Brother - She might have taken me up when my Sister was in Prison, or when I my self was 5 Weeks in Jail - She swore falsely against Maccanelly, told me if I would give her 8 Guineas, she would not Prosecute my Sister - And why does she swear against me now?

St. Laurence. For the good of his Majesty, and the Poor Publick, that they might not be imposed on.

Alice Dearing . About 3 Months before Christmas was a 12 Month, the Prisoner came to my Room, and enquired when I had seen Elizabeth Wright (who was the Prisoner Knight's Mother) for they knew that I was acquainted with her. Tracey brought me 20 counterfeit Six-pences, which is 10 Shillings in the Plural Number, and said if you can make off these to Night, I'll bring you as many more to Morrow Morning, and so in the Morning she brought me ten more, by the same token that I had got a Quartern-loaf upon the Table. And at Night Tracey and Judith Murray were sent to Clarkenwell, for putting off bad Money; and Knight came to me with a little heavy Trunk, and asked me

if I had got a spare Room? I told her Yes; and then she desired me to lend her a Candle, a Fire shovel, and some Small-coal; so she went into the Room, and lit a fire. I peep'd in, and finding what she was about, I push'd back the Lock, and she had got a Pipe in her Hand, and a Mould in her Lap, What are you at this Work? Says I. Aye, says she, I must do it here for fear the Metal should be found at my Lodging, tho' I have left 12 half Crowns under my washing Tub. I saw her make 12 or 14 Six-pences; it's true upon the virtue of my Oath; and then she said she must go to Strong's Cellar to finish them. I went thither after her, and there she was boiling Money; what I swear, is upon the Truth, and God's Truth; and she said, Give me the ten Shillings you had of Tracey, for the Colour is not good enough, and I must mend it, and so I gave her ten Shillings in the Plural Number.

Another time when I was at Strong's, Tracey came in and said, If you go into the Country to pass away Money, put Wheat, Meal, and Cheshire Cheese crumbled among it, and that will make it's Colour; and then she pull'd out a Purse with some Money in it, and said, how bright these look? Her Sister Catharine Bougle was there at the same time.

One time I went to Tracey's, at the French Change, and knock'd at the Door, whose there? says she; 'tis Alice Dearing , says I. Then she open'd the Door, and said, O, I am not afraid of you. And there I saw her turn out 10 or 12 Shillings.

Knight. It was you that swore away my Mother's Life and my Sister's.

Dearing. I have seen Tracey in St. Laurence's Sister's Room, in Mercer-street, in Long-Acre, and I know Tracey had a Lodging in White-Lion-street - She led John Brown into the secret of stealing the Silver Cup, for which they were both try'd.

Tracey. Why did not you inform against me when you swore against Wright?

Dearing. Tracey came to my Room, and said, What are you going along with Nan St. Laurence, to swear against my Sister - And then taking up a Knife - Shall I speak the Words? - G - Blood a Nouns, says she, if any Whore or Bitch should swear against my Sister, I will slinge her as I did the Bitch that stopt me for Shop lifting - I gave her 8 or 9 Stabs, tho' I did not kill her - Or else G - d - 'em I'll Pop 'em, or do their Business some other way. And so she laid the Knife down then, and I took it up, and said she should never kill any Body with that Knife.

Tracey. But you swore away my Mother's Life for all that.

Anthony Macknelly . I know nothing of their Coining, but I have seen them often put off bad Six-pences, and particularly about February was a 12 Month.

Knight - It was you that hang'd Brow-and his Wife - Why did not you inform against us?

Macnelly. So I did: I acquainted Mr. North with it when I inform'd against Brown and his Wife, and his Wife's Sister St. Laurence - But I have been in Confinement 14 Months.

Council. Call Winifred Swinney.

Tracey. She don't know one of us from t'other. [Then the Prisoners changed Places.]

Winifred Swinney . I have seen the Prisoners Coin several times, by means of an unfortunate Nephew of mine, I have been with them in putting off bad Money - It's true on the virtue of my Oath.

Council. Which is Tracey?

Swinney. She in the Green-gown, and the other in the Linnen Gown is Knight; I have been with them at their Lodgings at Mr. Frazier's a Potter's-shop in White-Lion-Street up 2 Pair of Stairs, on the right hand from the 7 Dials, at Brown's Lodgings in Vine street, in Broad St. Giles's, and in - Cammel's Room, three Days after Brown was taken - Cammel is a little Fellow in a Green-coat, he cries News; I know that Ann St. Laurence is Brown's Sister - Tracey stole a Silver Cup, and put it into Brown's Pocket, and they were both try'd for it here.

The Prisoners Defence.

Tracey. Hearing that Alice Dearing was concern'd in Coining, I inform'd against her, and Coining-Implements were found in her House. However Mr. North sent me to Jail for a conspiracy against her Life, under

pretence that I had put the Implements into her House on purpose, and he excepted against my Bail, till he met with St. Laurence and Swtney.

Knight. The Implements were not only found in Dearing's House, but she had let me so far into the secret, that I could have proved her guilty of Coining - But she said that Mr. North had given her leave to Coin.

James Smart , Turnkey of New-Prison. About the 15th of June last, Alice Dearing came to the Prisoner, and drank with them, and said if they'd give her 5 Guineas she'd not prosecute them.

Shorey. Strong rented a Cellar of me - I afterwards heard that People made Money there; and so I went and search'd, but I found no signs of Fire.

Elizabeth Strong . The Prisoners were never in my Cellar to my knowledge.

Elizabeth Cammel . I never saw the Prisoers come in my Room - I know St. Laurence to be both Whore and Thief.

Mary Lacy . and so do I too - she's a vild Woman.

Elizabeth Reynolds . Aye, so she is - She stole a Loin of Pork in St. James's-Market - And she said to me, Ah you fool, if you would but swear against Tracey and Knight you should have half the Reward, and then you need not carry them heavy Loads. My Husband stood behind and knock'd me down for keeping such Company.

Edward Reynolds . So I did - for Dearing said, that she ow'd them a great spight, and would make my Wife a Gentlewoman if she'd swear against them.

Mary Minnocks . I was Alice Dearing's Maid, she often tutor'd me to take these Peoples Lives away. She said she had got 19 l. by convicting Wright, and I should have 20 l. if I swore against these, and if I did not she would swear against me; and so I was persuaded to swear against them, but my Conscience flew into my Face after I had done it.

Knight. I was in Ireland when the things they charge me with were done.

Eleanor Hall. On the 14th of December last, Knight and I left Dublin and came to England together.

Council. But are you sure she had not been in England before that time?

Hall. I know nothing of that.

The Jury found the Prisoners both Guilty . Death .

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