Henry Crane, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 27th February 1734.

Reference Number: t17340227-12
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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13. Henry Crane , was indicted for assaulting Alice Gregory , in an open Field near the Highway, putting her in Fear, and taking from her, a Key, and 5 s. 9 d. Jan 29 .

Alice Gregory. Between 3 and 4, in the Afternoon, as I and Mrs. William's were walking from Hampstead towards London, the Prisoner with a thick Stick in his Hand came up to us, between Pancras Church and the Turnpike , and stopt Mrs. Williams first, and demanded her Money; she said she was a poor Woman, and had but three Farthings. Then he turned to me, and said Damn you, your Money, or you are a dead Woman. I gave him half a Crown; he took it, and said, this is not all; Damn you, give me the rest, and with that he took from me 3 s. more, and a Key, and then ran away over a Field. I kept my Eye upon him all the while, till he dropt in a Ditch. Some Men coming along, we told them we had been robb'd, and they pursu'd the Prisoner and took him.

Mrs. Williams. My Cousin Gregory and I came from Hampstead together, and I being foremost was crossing a Bridge, when the Prisoner stept out, and as soon as I got over the Bridge, he damn'd my Blood, and demanded my Money. I told him I was a poor Woman, and had but three Farthings. He pray'd the Lord to damn the three Farthings and so went to my Cousin, who was then upon the Bridge, and damn'd her, and demanded her Money. I bid him have a care what he did, for we had Company behind, and so I called John! and Dick! The Prisoner pray'd God to Damn John and Dick, and swore he would have my Cousin's Money, or she was a dead Woman. And while he was robbing her, he dropt his Stick in the Water. I stoop'd and took it up, and was going to give him a Knock; but seeing 2 Men at a distance, I call'd to them, and dropt the Stick : The Prisoner took it up, and ran down the Turnpike Path. You Dog, says I, I'll have you still. The Men coming up, pursu'd

him, and we follow'd them, and so they took him in the Ditch.

Stephen Dowle . Mr. Row and I took the Prisoner in the Ditch. As we came up to him, he said, bear Witness! These Men are going to rob me! I found this Key, and this Piece of a Note in the Place where he lay.

Mrs. Gregory. These are both mine, the Prisoner took them from me.

Mr. Row. I and Mr. Dowle and Mr. Berry being on Horseback, were just got thro' the Turnpike, when we heard a Cry of Stop Thief. We turn'd back, and the Woman said she had been rob'd, and describ'd the Person. We went up the Lane where we met a Man, who told us such a Person was run across the Field: We follow'd, and found the Prisoner in a Ditch.

John Berry . The Woman said, if I got over the Ditch I might catch him; but getting sight of another Person, whom I mistook for the Prisoner, I rid after him towards Islington, and before I returned the Prisoner was taken.

Lewin Peacock . I saw the Prisoner run over the Field, and go into a Hedge, and I directed Dowle and Row to the Place.

Edward Withers . I saw a Man go from these two Women, and observing he mended his Pace, I thought he had robb'd them. I follow'd, and was in the middle of the Field when he was taken.

John Deeploe . I was going to Copenhagen-house, and Mr. Berry rid after me instead of the Prisoner.

Mr. Berry. And I had much ado to get him back.

Court, to Deeploe. Who are you? and why did you run away.

Deeploe. I am a Brasier, I work with Mr. Atkinson in Bull and Mouth-street, and I ran after the Prisoner when I heard a cry of Stop Thief -

Court. Do you know the Prisoner?

Deeploe. He was my School-fellow, but I have no great Acquaintance with him. Guilty . Death .

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