William Simmonds, George Peters.
16th January 1734
Reference Numbert17340116-24
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty
SentencesDeath; Death

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30, 31. William Simmonds (not he who was tryed with Smoaky Jack) and George Peters , were indicted for breaking and entering the House of William Hart , and stealing a silk Stay, 2 silk Skirts, a Velvet Hood, a silk Hood, a Remnant of Linnen, 3 Table-cloths, 2 Dimity-coats, 3 Caps, an Apron, 5 Gowns, a Linnen-Frock, and a Handkerchief, the Goods of several Persons, Oct. 2 in the Night .

William Hart . The Goods were lost out of the Drawers in a Room one pair of Stairs high. One of the Window-shutters was left open, but the Sash was shut down close. I saw the Goods there about 8 in Evening, and miss'd 'em about 7 next Morning, when I found the Sash open. My Daughter lay that Night in the same Room.

Ralph Mitchell * . Between 1 and 2 in the Morning, the Prisoners and I got a Ladder, and setting it against the Prosecutor's House, I went up and open'd the Sash. A Chest of Drawers stood by the Window. I reached as far as I could, and took out 2 Silk Skirts or Petticoats, and a Stay, which I handed down; Peters went up next, and

handed out 4 or 5 Ells of Linnen, some Caps, a Handkerchief, and several other odd Things. Simmonds stood all the while below to watch. We pack'd them all up, and carry'd the Bundle by Turns, to Sam Matthew 's, who then kept a Brandy-shop in Gravel-lane, in Petticoat-lane, but he is now retired. We sent him with the Bundle to Mrs. Havard in Petticoat-lane, because she knew him, and did not care to deal with Strangers He brought us three Guineas, we divided them equally. Thence we went to Moulton's, at the Red-Lion in Rag-fair, where we used to meet.

* He was an Evidence last Sessions against Whitlock and Brown, for robbing Col. des Romaine.

Thomas Moulton . I keep an Ale-house. The Prisoners had used my House together for a Month or six Weeks. I don't know that Mitchell drank in their Company. - that is - out of the same Pot. Tho' indeed he would commonly sit at the same Table with them, and they would talk jocosely together, and seemed to be acquainted. - I believe I have seen him five or six Times sitting with them and little Daniel. But when I heard their Characters, I forbid 'em my House.

James Kirk . That little Daniel is a Thief. I heard him say to Simmonds, You black guard Dog, d'you see how tight I am? Simmonds answer'd, I should have been as tight as you, but that I was for to go to Bristol to keep out of the Way for fear of Mitchell.

Peters. I know nothing of that Fellow Mitchell.

Simmonds. Nor I any farther than that he's a Rogue, and hang'd two Men last Sessions.

The Jury found 'em guilty . Death .

They were a second Time indicted for breaking and entering the House of Euphanioe Kendall , and stealing a Silver Tankard, three Silver-Spoons, the Goods of Ephanioe Kendall, and a Velvet-Manteel, and a Cambrick-hood, the Goods of Mary Cowgill A pair of silk Shoes and Clogs, the Goods of Jane Kendal , Oct. 5 in the Night .

Euphanioe Kendall. I went to Bed about 12 with my Daughter who was not well; my House is in Princes-square, in Ratcliff-highway . We lay up one pair of Stairs. One of the Window-shutters was left open, but the Sash was down. My Daughter wak'd about one, and call'd for a little Drink. My Drawers rattl'd, and she said what is that Mother? Presently I heard some-body at the Window, at first I thought it was my Maid. Catherine, says I, why d'you sit sleeping there ? Why don't you go to Bed? But immediately recollecting myself, Lord bless me! says I, she went to Bed when I did! So I got up and run to the Window and found the Sash open. I saw something move before me, as far off as my Hand is, but what it was I cannot tell, for I could not see Head nor Face, and so I call'd out Thieves, and I afterwards found a Ladder left standing against the Window. I lost a Silver-tankard, three silver Spoons, a Velvet manteel, a Cambrick-hood, and a pair of silk Shoes and Clogs.

Ralph Mitchell . The Prisoners and I got a Ladder. Peters went up first, and handed down a silver-Tankard, and three silver Spoons. Simmonds went up then and brought out a Manteel, a Sarcenet (a Cambrick) Hood, and a pair of Shoes and Clogs. Somebody in the House making a Disturbance, we got him down as fast as we cou'd, and left the Ladder behind us. We went to Sam Matthews 's, who sold the Manteel, Hood, Shoes and Clogs, to Mrs. Havard for 18s. and I sold the Tankard and Spoons to Rodenham (who was convicted last Sessions ) for 5 l. and we shar'd the Money equally.

Peters. Why did not you prosecute last Sessions?

Mitchell. Because I did not know you was then a Prisoner.

Peters. But you sent your Wife to tell me that you did not know me, and had nothing to lay to my Charge.

Mitchell. No I sent her to Harry Whitesides, for I knew nothing of your being in Custody.

Henry Whitesides . His Wife came down to us in the Hole, but I don't know that he sent her.

The Jury found 'em guilty . Death .

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