John Anderson, James Baker, Francis Ogleby.
5th December 1733
Reference Numbert17331205-22

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27. John Anderson and James Baker , alias Stick-in-the-Mud , were a second time indicted, with Francis Ogleby , for breaking and entering the House of Thomas Rayner , and stealing a silver Mug, value 3 l. two silver Salvers, value 3 l. a pair of silver Snuffers and Stand, value 3 l. a silver Pepper-box, value 20 s. and a Hat, value 10 s. the Goods of Thomas Rayner , October 4 . between the Hours of two and three in the Night .

The Prisoners pray'd the Witnesses might be examin'd a-part, which the Court granted.

Thomas Rayner. My House in Church-street, in St. Ann's, Soho , was broke open the 4th or 5th of October last; I don't know at what Hour it was done, for the first News I heard of it was about eight in the Morning, when I came down Stairs; the Goods were lost out of my Fore-parlour ; there were double Shutters to the Windows, but they were both broke thro'; the Iron-bar was bent thus - and I saw in the outer Shutter the Mark of a Chissel, with which, I suppose, they were wrenched open.

Court. What Goods did you miss?

Mr. Rayner. A silver pint Mug, a pair of silver Salvers, a pair of silver Snuffers and Stand, a silver Pepper-box and a Hat.

Eliz. Chejoy. I left the Shutters fast between six and seven at Night, and found 'em broke open between seven and eight in the Morning; the Sashes of that Window that was open stood double.

Court. How do you mean?

E. Chejoy. The under Sash was thrown half way up, and the upper one drawn as far down; the Plate was taken out of the Boufet.

Abraham Wild . The Watch was calling past twelve when Baker and I met Anderson and Ogleby by Charing-cross ; they ask'd us whither we were going? we said we could not very well tell, and so, after a little Talk, we went all together to the Night-cellar by Privy-garden.

Court. Privy-garden !

Wild. I don't know whether they call it Privy-garden or Spring-garden, but its over-against the Meuse.

Court. What Discourse had you there?

Wild. Nothing but Here's to you; we drank but one Pot there, and then we came up and went into the Hay-market, and coming to the Corner of St. James's-street, as you

go towards the Tennis-court, says Ogleby, Here's two Stalls where the People leave their Goods all Night, let's mill 'em, that is, break 'em open; we soon agreed upon it, and Anderson wrench'd one of the Doors open with a Chissel, but we found nothing there that was worth stealing, and so we look'd out for a better Chance. We came at last into Church-street, where, pushing against a Shutter, he said it was loose, and bid us stay a little; we stopp'd, and he put a Chissel betwixt the two Shutters, and, with a hard Wrench, forc'd it open; it made such a Noise that we were afraid it would alarm the Family, or the Watch, who stood at the Corner of the Street, and therefore we retreated for two or three Minutes, and stood at a little Distance to see the Event; but finding all safe, we went again, and blew out the Lamp that was at the Door. Then Anderson stood upon my Shoulders, pull'd down the upper Sash, and reaching over, undid the inner Shutters. Getting down again, he endeavour'd to push up the under Sash, but not being able to do it, Ogleby try'd at it, rais'd it a little with his Hands, and clapping his Shoulders under, forc'd it up high enough for us to enter. Anderson stepp'd over the Way, and getting up to a Lamp, lighted a Candle, put it into his Dark-lanthorn, and went into the House by himself, while we stood without to watch; he brought out a silver Mug, one silver Salver, a silver Stand for Snuffers, a silver Pepper-box, and a Man's Hat; if he took any Thing else he sunk it, for that was all we saw. By this Time it was between two and three in the Morning; we went thence to Stocks-market, and then it was near four. None of us having any Money left, I gave my Hat to Ogleby, and putting the Prosecutor's Hat upon my Head, went into the Brandy-shop on the left Hand facing the Market, and desir'd the Man to let us have half a Pint of Gin and 6 d. upon it till the Morning, tho' indeed it was Morning then.

He refus'd to lend us 6 d. but said we might have the Gin, we agreed to it; the Gin was drawn, but while we were drinking, I thought he seem'd to be suspicious of us, for he look'd upon the Hat, and said it was a very good one, and then going to the Door call'd Lightfoot; we concluded Light-foot was a Watchman, so bidding the Man take Care of the Hat, we made haste away. Anderson pawn'd a Handkerchief for 6 d. and with that Money we went the same Morning and redeem'd the Hat. Thence we walk'd to Elizabeth Whitehead 's, in some Court or Alley in Turnmill-Street, to sell the Plate; we knock'd her up, and Baker went out with her to see the Plate weigh'd; we waited about an Hour at her House, and they not returning, we stepp'd over the Way to an Alehouse; Baker came thither to us in a little Time, and told us the Plate weigh'd twenty one Ounces, but it was two or three Hours before Whitehead follow'd; she brought four Guineas, which was what the Plate came to at 4 s. an Ounce; she gave the Money to Anderson, we shar'd it equally, and had a Guinea a-piece.

Ogleby. Where did you see me first?

Wild. That was the first time when I met you at Charing-cross, but I have often drank with you since, at the Corner of St. Martin's-lane.

Ogleby. I'll prove that I never drank with you in my Life.

Wild. Do if you can.

Anderson. And where was it you saw me first?

Wild. I told you before, at the Corner of Cornhill, and that I saw you afterwards in Smithfield, and that this Fact was the first we committed together.

Ogleby. Did you ever see me from the Time you came to England to the Time we committed this Transgression ?

Wild. No, I told you just now, that this was the first time I saw you.

Ogleby. And how do you know what Day it was?

Wild. The last Execution at Tyburn was on a Saturday, and this was the Day before.

Ogleby. Did you ever know any Robberies that I committed?

Wild. Yes.

Ogleby. Name as many as you please.

Wild. Since I came in you wanted to make your self an Evidence.

Ogleby. I might hang you by Report, for you made your Brags to me that you have snatch'd twenty Pockets in a Night, besides a gold Watch once; and you said, that when you and John Gascee wanted Money you went a snatching Pockets together.

Wild. And just now you said you had never been in my Company.

Baker. How came you acquainted with me?

Wild. I first fell in your Company at Buck's Brandy-shop by St. Giles's Church, on a Thursday, between two and three in the Afternoon, which was the Day before this Gentleman's House was broke; there we drank together, and I desir'd you to sell a Handkerchief for me, for 6 d. which you did, and I spent all the Money there. When it was Dark we went out together, and pick'd Pockets till past twelve, and then meeting with Anderson and Ogleby, by Charing cross, as I said before, we went and broke open the House.

The Jury found them guilty . Death .

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