John Cullington.
5th December 1733
Reference Numbert17331205-19

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23. John Cullington , otherwise Mendall , was indicted for assaulting William Murray , on the Highway, in the Parish of Stepney , putting him in Fear, and taking from him two Pistols, value 5 l. the Goods of John Chapman , Esq ; Sept. 17 .

He was a second Time indicted for assaulting Sir William Chapman , Knight and Baronet , on the Highway, in the Parish of

Stepney, putting him in Fear, and taking from him four half Guineas , Sept. 17.

William Murray . On the 17th of September, about eight at Night, between Bow and Mile-End , I was robb'd by a Man on Horse-back, of a Brace of Pistols, capp'd with Silver, the Property of John Chapman , Esq; my Master, Sir William Chapman , was then in his Coach, about a hundred Yards from me. As soon as the Man had robb'd me, he rode towards the Coach, and fir'd a Pistol. I can't swear that the Prisoner is the Man, for it was dark, and he who took the Pistols from me, had a Great-coat on, with the Cape button'd up - But these are the Pistols, I know them by the Mounting and one of the Rammers being broke. They were found upon the Prisoner, by one of Sir Cordel Firebrass's Servants.

John Felt . These Pistols, and these other three, I took from the Prisoner in the Road, between Sudbury and Melford. It happen'd that he fell from his Horse, and dislocated his Neck ; and as I was near him, at the same time, I dismounted, and put his Neck in its place again. Some Bullets fell out of his Pocket, which made me suspect him for a Highwayman, and therefore I secur'd him; and my Master gave Sir William Chapman notice of it.

Sir William Chapman. I heard some Disturbance in the Road, and a Gentleman, who was with me in the Coach, said, he believ'd the Quarrel was with my Servant. I look'd out, a Pistol was fir'd, and a Man rode up to the Coach-door, and said, Gentlemen, deliver your Money immediately. My Son and the other Gentleman, gave him something, and I gave him four half Guineas. I observ'd his Horse curvetted, as if the Noise of the Pistol had frighted him.

Prisoner. As I was going to Bury, I found those five Pistols on the Road, and thought I might as well take them up, as leave them there for any Body else.

The Jury found him guilty of both Indictments. Death .

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