Henry Baxter, William Sickwell, Henry Baxter, William Aldus.
5th December 1733
Reference Numbert17331205-13
VerdictsGuilty > lesser offence; Not Guilty; Guilty

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17. Henry Baxter , and William Sickwell , alias Sick-Will, alias Aldus , were indicted for breaking the House of Thomas Golden , and stealing a pair of Iron-Grates,

value 12 s. an/ Iron-Jack, value 15 s. and 2 Iron-Spits, value 1 s. 6 d. the Goods of Faith Burton , and a Spade, value 2 s. 6 d. the Goods of Thomas Golden , November 19 . between the Hours of 1 and 2 in the Night .

Thomas Golden. I took a House, and put these Goods into it, and about 9 next Morning, a Porter came, and told me, the House was broke open, for I liv'd at Bromley, and had not then lain in this House that I was moving to, which was about a Mile off. The Grates, and Spits, and Jack, were lent me y my Aunt, Faith Burton , but the Spade was my own. I went to see what Damage was dn, and found the Cellar-Door was cut, the upper Bolt thrust back, and the bottn Bolt wrenched off. Macdonald being taken for a Robbery impeach'd the Prisoners, and ay is Information I found some of my Goods in a Common-Sewer.

John Macdonald . I and Baxter, and Sick Will, turn'd out together, and seeing this House uninhabited, we broke open the Cellar Door, with a Design to steal some Lead, but finding a pair of Grates, a Jack, a Couple of Spits, and a Spade, we contented ourselves with taking them; but being more than we could carry clear off at once, we planted some of them in a Ditch, and the rest we sold to a Woman in Old-Gravel-Lane.

Mr. Brown The High-Constable, Mr. Betty sent for me to assist him, in taking Sick Will. I was directed to a House in Church-Lane, whither I went, and enquir'd for him, ly Landlady wanted to know my Business, I told her, I came with a Message from his Father. She call'd to him, upon which, being satisfy'd I was right, I ran up Stairs and took him a Bed. I found in the Room, a Dark-Lanthorn, with three Candles in it, a Flint, Steel, and a pocket Tinder-box full of Tinder.

Mr. Betty. I carry'd Baxter and Macdonald before Justice Priestly for a Robbery. Macdonald inform'd against Sickwell, and directed us where to find him. I went with a Warrant, and took him a-Bed, and found in the Room, the Things mentioned by the last Witnesses. Sickwell then deny'd the Fact, but next Day being carry'd before the Justice, he made this Confession, which was taken in Writing, read to, and sign'd by him.

[Then Sickwell's Confession, taken before John Priestly , Esq; Nov. 24. was read in Court.]

He therein confess'd, that about 4 Months ago, he and Nat. Sparks, and Will. Sanders, stole two Gowns in White-Chappel. That he, Baxter, Sanders, and another, stole some Fowls at Mile-End. That on Oct. 15. he and Baxter stole a Leg of Fork, and a Great-coat in a Butcher's Shop; and that on Nov. 19. about 1 in the Morning, he, Baxter, and Macdonald, broke into a House by Rogues-Well, near Stepney, and stole a pair of Grates, a Jack, 2 Spits, and a Spade.

Sick Will. As for the Dark Lanthorn, it was left in my Room by Macdonald, I was sick a-Bed when they took me, and Light-headed when I made that Confession - Here's one of the Jurymen knew me when I liv'd a Servant at Bethnall-Green.

Juryman. I know nothing of him.

Sick Will. I am sure I have carry'd many a Joint of Meat to his House.

Baxter. Macdonald is a vile Rogue, he came out of Prison but four Days before he was taken again.

Court. As there was no Body resident in the House, this cannot be a Burglary.

The Jury found them Guilty of Felony only.

Henry Baxter , was a third Time, and William Aldus , otherwise Sick Will . a second Time indicted, for stealing a Cloth, Coat, value 5 s. and a Leg of Pork, value 3 s. the Goods of Christopher Stacey , in Stepney Parish, October 15.

Christopher Stacey. I lost a Great-Coat and a Leg of Pork out of my Shop on the 15th of October, between 7 and 8 at Night. Justice Priestly sent for me, and there I found the Prisoner. Aldus confess'd the Fact.

Aldus. I was light-headed, and did not know what I said.

There being no Evidence against Baxter, the Jury acquitted him, but found Aldus guilty .

[Aldus: Transportation. See summary.]

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