Thomas Whitby, Violent Theft > robbery, 10th October 1733.

Reference Number: t17331010-26
Offence: Violent Theft > robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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31. * Thomas Whitby , otherwise Woodby , was indicted for assaulting John Gordon in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, putting him in Fear, taking from him a Hat, a Wig, half a Guinea and 5 d. July 28 .

* Whitby was an Evidence in May last against Taylor, Smithson Phillis and Stricket who were indicted for several Facts, but acquitted. Sessions Paper, Numb. V. p. 148, 149.

John Gordon . Crossing Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, about 12 at Night, I was set upon by 5 Men, 3 of whom, + Richardson , Grace and Smithson were convicted last Sessions. Grace collared me, and swore, Damn you, you Dog, deliver your Money; Richardson gave me a Blow on the Arm, and took my Hat and Wig, and struck me on the Head; two others rifled my Pockets; one took 5 d. and the other half a Guinea - One drew a Knife, and threatened to stab me. A Light coming by the Corner of the Fields, they let me go, and after I was got from them, I heard one of them say, God damn you, why did not you stab him, for he looked back, and he'll know us again - I went off towards Clare-market - I can't swear to the Prisoner's Face.

+ Sessions Paper, Numb VI. p. 189

Alex Watson . Richardson, Smithson, Grace

and I, and the Prisoner, met this Gentleman in Lincoln's-Inn-Field, about Midnight; Grace collar'd him; Richardson and Smithson stood, one before, and one behind, to look out; the Prisoner on one side, and I on the other, searched the Gentleman's Pockets; the Prisoner took half a Guinea and 15 d. and Richardson took his Hat, and struck him over the Head, and I had his Wig - And after the Gentleman was gone, one of us said, God damn him, I wish I had stabb'd him, because he look'd back.

Robert Shorter . The Hat was found by two Chairmen by Bedford-street, not far from where Richardson was taken. The Evidence, Watson, told me (in Bridewel) that the Wig was pawn'd at the Seven Dials for a Shilling, and that he'd send a Woman for it, and she should give it to Mr. Atley, and Mr. Atley to me.

Prisoner. When this Robbery was committed I was at home, at Joseph Morgan 's in Bowl-Yard, in Shoreditch, and John Simmonds was at work with me.

Joseph Morgan . I live in Bowl-Yard in St. Giles's in the Fields, [the Prisoner said in Shoreditch;] the Prisoner lodged at my House 6 Weeks, from the End of June: He behaved well, and kept good Hours; he made Mother of Pearl Buttons .

Court. Where was he the 28th of July at Midnight?

J. Morgan. I can't say where he was that particular Night, but I never knew him out so late as 12 a Clock; I lock my Doors every Night at 10, and the Key in the Door; but then my Bed is so near the Door that he could hardly go out without my hearing.

John Simmonds . I live in Lombard-Court at the Seven Dials; from the 1st to the 21st of July, I lodged and worked with the Prisoner at Morgan's, and in that Time he was hardly ever half an Hour out of my Company; he kept good Hours; I saw no Harm by him, and he had a pretty good Character.

Watson. Pretty good! I have often known him lye out a Nights, and be at the Lodging-Houses in St. Giles's; he was an Evidence in (I think it was) June last.

Prisoner. Here's William Jackson , a Prisoner, knows that Watson told him, that I was not concern'd in this Robbery.

William Jackson *. I lay with Watson in New-Prison, and at Night, when we were lock'd up, he begun, in his usual way, to tell about his Villanies. I ask'd him, if he ever got any considerable Booty? and he said, once he could have got 300 l. worth of Plate, if it had not been for Stick-in-the-Mud +, so that he got but 14 l. - Watson was sent to the Jerusalem, to view the Prisoner, and when he came back, I ask'd him, if he knew the Prisoner? Yes, damn him, says he, I know him, and am sorry I inform'd against him. I advis'd the Fool to keep out of the Way, but now he's taken, I must make my Information good, or the Court will Nail me.

* See his Trial below.

+ Otherwise James Baker, he was try'd in July. 1732. for robbing Catharine Burkett , and acquitted. And he was again apprehended, on suspicion of robbing Philip Turst , in Company with Sutton and Simonds ( who were try'd and acquitted last Sessions) and Thomas and James Alexander .

The Jury found him Guilty . Death .

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