Jonas Pearson.
12th September 1733
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89. Jonas Pearson , was indicted for stealing a brown Gelding ; value 8 l. the Property of Benjamin Wilkins , Aug. 31.

B. Wilkins. I lost my Horse out of a Field in the Parish of Waterstack in Oxfordshire , on Friday the 31st of August last, in the Night. I saw him in the Ground at 6 in the Evening, and sent my Boy for him at 6 next Morning, but he was gone. He was a brown Gelding, 14 Hands and 3 Inches high; he had a bald Face, his near Leg behind was White, and he was full of silver Hairs all over.

William Greenaway . Between 7 and 8 on Saturday Morning, the 1st of September, the Prisoner came to Mr. Nowell's Stables in George-Yard, Westminster, with a bay Gelding with a bald Face and white Leg. The Horse was very dirty quite up his Sides, with clay Dirt, and his Hocks were so cover'd with Grass-purging, occasion'd by hard Riding, that I could scarce get it off. The Prisoner came several times afterwards, and ordered Corn for the Horse; but on Monday last, this honest Man - Court. What honest Man?

Greenaway. He that stole the Horse. - He sent for me to Tothil-Fields Bridewell, and said, he hop'd I would not do him any Damage, and desir'd that I would not let any Body know at what Time in the Morning he brought the Horse to our House, but that I would say, it was between 10 and 11. It would be very hard, he said, it he lost his Horse, but he would have me take Care of the Bridle and Saddle.

Prisoner. I asked him, if he remember'd

at what Hour I came in, for it was about 7 when I bought the Horse, and I took him to the Stables about 8.

William Biddle . The Prosecutor, when he came to Town, used to put his Horse up at my House, the King's-Arms, at Holbourn-Bridge. He was there on Tuesday, Sept. 4. and told me, his Horse was Stole, desir'd me to take down the Marks, and look for him in Smithfield. I went thither on the Friday, and there I found him.

William Atwood . On the 6th of September, the Prisoner proffer'd to sell me this Horse, and next Day rode him out, to see how I lik'd him, and riding thro' Smithfield, I was follow'd home. I was to have given 5 Guineas for him, and had appointed the Prisoner to come to me at 3 a Clock, and when he came I took him up. He told me he had had the Horse 6 Months.

Prisoner. No, I said I had not had him above 5 or 6 Months. - I bought him about 7 a Clock in the Morning, on Saturday was se'nnight. For, going along Holbourn, near the End of Red-Lion-Street, there was a Countryman about selling this Horse to an other Man, but they not agreeing about the Price, I bought him myself for 4l. 10s. for which I paid the Countryman at the Alehouse the Corner of Red-Lion-Street; but the Horse proving too heavy for my Use, I thought to sell him again. There were several by when I bought the Horse and paid for him, and they promis'd to appear for me, but none of them are come yet.

Henry Spencely . I have known the Prisoner 2 Years, I serv'd him with Bread; he's a Button-maker by Trade ; he did keep a House, but he has since liv'd in Lodgings in Stevens's-Ale, in West-minister. I always believed him to be a very honest Man, and never heard to the contrary.

The Jury found him Guilty . Death .

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