Joseph Blunt.
12th September 1733
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74. Joseph Blunt , was indicted for the Murder of Robert Adair , by maliciously discharging a Musket loaden with Powder and Bullets, and thereby giving him one mortal Wound in the left Part of the Breast, of the Breadth of half an Inch, and Depth of 6 Inches, of which mortal Wound he instantly dy'd , Sept. 3 . He was a 2d time indicted on the Coroner's Inquisition for the said Murder.

John Brown. There was a Disturbance in the Tower, occasion'd by the Prisoner's Wife abusing another Woman, for which I had Orders from Captain Hudson, the Officer of the Guards, to turn her out of the Garrison. I went accordingly to the Barrack where she was, about 9 at Night; the Prisoner was then a-bed. I told her she must turn out; upon which she said, Jo, will you see me turn'd out ? No, says he, and starts up an-end. I have no difference with you Jo, says I. No matter for that, says he, you shan't turn her out, and immediately he catch'd up his Piece and presented. I went to take hold of his Piece; but says he, Take care! if you stir a Foot, you're a

dead Man. Robin Bugheard , who was 3 or 4 Yards behind me, said, Brown, don't be too ventersome. So I step'd back, and went to the Officer of the Guard, and acquainted him that the Prisoner stood with his Piece presented, and did not know what he meant by it. The Captain upon that, said to the Deceas'd, who was a Corporal but did Sergeant's Duty, Aaair-take three or four Men, and bring him to me Prisoner. I was at the Barrack-door, when the Deceas'd with 4 Men behind him came in, and when he was got within 6 or 7 Yards of the Prisoner, the Prisoner said, Take care of your self Bob. He had no sooner spoke than his Piece went off, and the Deceas'd drop'd down, and said, Lord have Mercy upon me! I took him up, but he was dead. Mean time, the other four secur'd the Prisoner - No Body had a Gun there but he. I run directly up to the Officer, and told him what had happen'd, and he order'd me to take the Prisoner to the Black-hole, - when came to fetch him, I found his Ram-tod under his bed.

Eleanor Duckworth . The Prisoner put his Ram-rod into his Piece, and he said, he would be the Death of Sergeant Brown, but this was when Sergeant Brown was gone; and when the Deceas'd came in, I saw the Prisoner fire his Piece, and I fell down, and han't felt my Child stir since.

Robert Bugheard . The Prisoner presented his Piece to Brown. I advis'd Brown to come up. I went towards the Prisoner, and he said to me, as he said before to Brown, If you come a step farther, you're a dead Man. Why do you take such wicked thoughts in your Head, says I, against those that never hurt you? And his answer was, I am resolv'd to do Mischief, if I go to Hell the next Minute. Then the Deceas'd came in, and before he spoke a Word to the Prisoner, the Prisoner cry'd, Take care Bob! and his Piece went off slamm! The Deceas'd fell, the Prisoner sat himself down on the Bed, and laid his Piece by him, and I took it up, and saw it was Discharg'd.

Charles Feasant , and Jonathan Wates . We were 2 of the 4 that seiz'd the Prisoner. He was ask'd, If he was not sorry? and he said, He was sorry it fell on the Man it did; but he wish'd it had been Sergeant Brown. And when he heard the Man was dead, he said, Let him dye and be damn'd. The Captain came in, and ask'd who kill'd the Man, and the Prisoner said, I did it.

Prisoner. Brown, and my Dame, and this Woman, had some words, and when I was a sleep. Brown came and waked me, and said, Get up, and turn your Wife out of the Barracks, or I'll kick her out. I begg'd him not, and told him, it would be Folly and a Sin to do it; but he went out to fetch 2 File of Musketeers, upon which I catch'd up a Piece, and just as the Deceas'd came in, it fell out of my Hand, and went off.

Court. Tho' you said, Have a care, Bob! just as, it went off, and afterwards wish'd it had been Brown. The Jury found him Guilty . Death .

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