John Jones.
10th May 1733
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8. John Jones , of Tottenham-High-Cross , was indicted for assaulting William Vow , Gent . on the Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him 7 s. April 14 .

He was a second time indicted for assaulting James Collet , Esq ; on the Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him 5 s. April 14 .

Mr. Vow. On the 14th of April as Mr. Collet and I were going in a Chaise to Enfield , we were stopt a little on this Side Tottenham by the Prisoner on Horseback. He produc'd a Pistol, and demanded our Money. He first robb'd Mr. Collet, and then took 7 s. from me; but, not satisfied with our Money, he demanded our Watches. We told him we had none. He said we had, and insisted upon searching us. While we were expostulating with him, a Gentleman's Servant came riding from Tottenham. The Prisoner turn'd about, bade him stop, made him dismount, and was going to search him, when Mr. Collet stept out of the Chaise, and with the Handle of

his Whip struck the Prisoner on the Side of the Head, and almost knock'd him down.

Mr. Collet. I was going in a Chaise with Mr. Vow to my own House at Enfield, on Saturday Evening, and on this Side Tottenham, just opposite to Mr. Ambrose's Wall, the Prisoner call'd to us to stop. I drove the faster; upon which he rode up, and swore if we did not stop the Horse he'd shoot him I stopp'd, he robb'd me, and afterwards took something from Mr. Vow, and then demanded our Watches. We told him we had none. And presently - Skelton (Doctor Ward's Footman) came towards us from Tottenham. The Prisoner stopp'd him, and made him dismount, and was going to rob him, when I jump'd out of the Chaise and struck the Prisoner on the left Side of the Head with the Handle of my Whip. He reel'd, and riding by the Row of Trees near the School, I saw him fall from his Horse and run to a Ditch, where Skelton jump'd upon him. - He was not out of my Sight before he fell. - After he was taken I took off his Hat and Wig, and saw the Wound I had given him, and it look'd fresh.

- Skelton. I had been at Edmonton, and was returning, when, just on this Side Tottenham, I perceiv'd a Chaise standing still and a Man on Horseback by it. I heard him say, Give me your Watches; and when I came up closer I heard some Money chink in his-Hand. He turn'd about to me, and said, Damn ye! deliver this Minute, or you're a dead Man. He made me dismount that he might search me, and his Back being then to the Chaise, Mr. Collet stept out of the Chaise, and struck him such a Blow with his Whip, that he made him reel, and told me, if I had but given him a second Blow I might have knock'd him quite down. But I had not that Presence of Mind. The Prisoner rode into Tottenham, I mounted again and follow'd him. I saw him fall from his Horse into a Ditch hard by the two Rows of Elms. He got up again and ran into another Ditch, and endeavour'd to get over the Bank into the Field. But in Scrabbling to get up, he slipp'd down again; upon which I quitted my Horse, and he offer'd to shoot, but his Pistol missing Fire, I Jump'd into the Ditch upon him, and down he went among the Sludge.

Prisoner. When this Man came to see for me in Newgate, he charg'd another Man with the Robbery, and own'd that he only came for the sake of the Reward.

Skelton. No; but when I came to Newgate I was brought among several Thieves, and Somebody there said, What! do you come here to swear away a Man's Life for Hire? At which being frighted, as fearing some Mischief, I could not suddenly recollect whether the Prisoner was one of those present or not.

Philip Cropper . About 8 in the Evening, as I and Sam Brown were sitting at my Master (Mr. Ambrose's ) Gate, I heard a Noise at a little Distance. Somebody said, Sir! what would you have? we have given you all. And another answer'd, Your Watches. I ran out to assist, and presently I heard a Blow. I cry'd out Highwayman! and a Man on Horseback rode by me, but I could not then see his Face, for he held his Head down thus -. I suppose it was by reason of the Blow that was given him. I follow'd, and help'd to take him in the Ditch.

Prisoner. Was it Day or Night?

Cropper. It was not dark, I was about a hundred Yards off, and I could see the Chaise and a Man on Horseback.

Samuel Brown . Sitting on Mr. Ambrose's Rails with Cropper, the Gard'ner, I heard a Man say, Stop, or Stand! Hark! says I, there's a Robbery. - Presently a Gentleman said, What would you have more? you Watch got all. The first made answer, Your Watch, or Watches. Then I heard a large Blow. The Highwayman rode by, and fell into a Ditch, and getting up again ran into another, but in climbing up the Bank to get into the Field, he slipp'd back, and Skelton push'd him in and jump'd upon him

John Gibson. Coming from Page-Green I heard a Man ask for Watches; upon which I stept out of the Fort-way, and saw the Blow given to the Prisoner, while he was searching Skelton. I help'd Skelton to catch his Horse, and then he rid after the Prisoner, and cross'd the Common, and endeavour'd to take the Turning that goes to Justice

Harwood's, but, being upon full Speed, he over-shot himself, and turning back too quick, his Horse's Foot slipp'd in the Ditch and threw him. I was then about 60 Yards from him, and am sure he is the Man, for there was no other Horseman upon the Road but he and Skelton for the Space of 10 Minutes.

William Netherton . As I was going over the Common I heard a cry of stop Highwayman; the Prisoner rode by very hard, and would have turn'd out of the great Road into a bye-way that goes to Justice Harwood's, but there his Horse threw him into a Ditch, from whence he got out and ran into another Ditch, and we follow'd. He pull'd out a Pistol and swore, Damn ye, what wou'd you have? The first that stirs any farther is a dead Man. He snapt his Pistol, but it missing fire, Skelton jump'd upon him in the Ditch.

The Jury found him guilty of both Indictments. Death .

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