William Norman*, Elizabeth Morris.
4th April 1733
Reference Numbert17330404-57
VerdictsNot Guilty; Guilty

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77. William Norman* was indicted for breaking and entring the House of Paul Rankin , and stealing a Camblet Gown, value 9 s. a Silk Gown, value 20 s. a Crape Gown, value 12 s. a Camblet Cloak, value 9 s. a Banyan, a Waistcoat, a Rug Coat, and 2 Aprons, the Goods of Thomas Thornhill , Jan. 3 . about 10 at Night . And

* Norman was convicted of Felony last Sessions, and was order'd for Transportation. See the last Sessions Paper, p. 71.

78. Elizabeth Morris was indicted for receiving the same, knowing them to be stolen . At Norman's Request, the Court ordered the Witnesses to be examined apart.

Ann Thornhill . I live in Mr Paul Rankin's House in St. James's-Market ; on the 3d of January last, at 8 at Night, I left my Room safe, my Sash down, and my Door lock'd, and went up to my Landlady; when I came down about 10, my Sash was lifted up, and my Goods were gone. - I lost a Black and

White Crape Gown, a Purple and White Lustring Gown, a Cloth-coloured Camblet Gown, a Grey Camblet Cloak, a Red Rug Coat, a Brown Cloth Waistcoat , and a Banyan of several Colours.

Edward Powers . The Prisoner Norman, and I, and Will. Morris, (the other Prisoner's Son) and * Cockey Chambers, (who was executed since last Sessions) broke this House. We pull'd the Window Shutter open. Norman went in with a dark Lanthorn, and I with a Pistol, and we took away these Goods.

* He was try'd by the Name of Will. Chamberlain. See the last Sessions Paper, pag. 71.

Court. Describe the Goods.

Powers. There was a Silk Gown striped, it was a sort of darkish Purple and White, a Crape Gown Black and White, a Camblet Gown Brownish. A Camblet Cloak, - I don't remember the Colour. A Rug Coat, Red; A Wastcoat Brownish, and a Banyan of a stingey Colour - A sort of a Roarer [Aurora]; there was a Pair of Black Stockings too. We carried the Goods to the Prisoner, Eliz. Morris; she keeps a Smith's Shop at the Sign of the Jack and Half Moon in Eagle-Court by the New Church in the Strand, and we sold her the Silk Gown. She knew how we came by them. Her Son Will. and I have gone a thieving together these three Months.

Norman. Powers swears this against me, because he knows I have been under Misfortunes, and have been an Evidence in this Court. But I have Witness that I was sick on the 2d and 3d of January, when this Fact was done.

Jemima Burleigh . I lodge in the same House with Norman, in Bambridge-Street in St. Giles's. On the 2d and 3d and 4th of January he was ill abed.

C. How came you to remember those Days any more than any other?

J. B. I have cause to remember the 4th of January, for it was my Wedding-Day 24 Years ago, and I have acknowledged it ever since, and I had a Bit of roast Pork that Day; and Norman and his Wife were both sick of the new Distemper, and they had Rosemary and Treacle, and they both eat some of my roast Pork.

C. Then they were not so bad but they could eat Pork? Did you never see Powers at your House.

J. B. I don't know him. - But I can swear that Norman was not abroad the Day before the 4th of January; for I was at home all that Week, though sometimes I go a Nursing.

C. Can you be positive that you was not out at all in the Evening of the 3d of January ?

J. B. I can't say as to that - I might be out in the Evening. -

Eliz. Morris. I own I had an undutiful Son, but I could not help what he did; for if I spoke but a Word, he would presently beat and abuse me. I have often forbid Powers coming to my House.

Wm Hadly . I am a Smith, I work for Mrs. Morris, and have lived in the House seven or eight Years. Her Husband has left her these two Years. Her chief Business is making Stove-Grates. I never knew that she bought any Goods but old Iron. Powers would come to her House, and set her Son to quarrel with her; and while her Son was beating and abusing her, Powers would sit in the Chair and laugh. If she had bought stolen Goods I must have seen 'em, for she has no back Room.

C. Do you know nothing of a Trap-Door under her Bed?

Hadly. There is a Place under her Bed where she puts her Files, but it is a turn-up Bed.

Francis Skelborn . I sell Stove Grates, and she works for me and for Mr. Sparks in the Strand, and Mr. Child at Temple-Bar. I have laid out 40 l. a Year with her. Some particular Neighbours may speak ill of her, on Account of her Son, who, indeed, had a vile Character. I have seen him beat her like a Stock-Fish, and break her Goods to Pieces before her Face.

C. What particular Neighbours are those?

F. S. Some that sent her Son to Bridewel.

George Myers . I have lived in the same Court four Years, and I always took her for an honest, industrious, well-living Woman.

Mary Whitehead . I have known her ten or eleven Years. She deals with me for Coals, and I never knew but she had an honest Character, 'till I heard of this.

Wm Rancy . I have known her three and twenty Years, and have work'd seven Years in the House before she came. I recommended her and her Husband to take the Shop, and I work'd for them seven Years. The Hole under the Bed was made before she took the House. It was on purpose to put Files in, that they might not all be in Use at a Time, but be delivered out as they were wanted. The Jury acquitted her, and found Norman Guilty . Death .

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