Richard Tredwell, William Crone.
21st February 1733
Reference Numbert17330221-53
VerdictsGuilty > theft under 5s; Guilty

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67 Richard Tredwell , was indicted for stealing four silver Spoons, Value 30 s. and a silver Salt, Value 20 s. the Goods of Philip Harris , in his House , Feb. 18 . and

68. William Crone , for receiving the same, knowing them to be stolen .

Mary Harris . Tredwell was my Servant , on Sunday Evening I sent him of an Errand, he return'd in pretty good Time, and after Supper I sent him out again, but he came back no more. When it grew late I began to be uneasy, because my Husband was out of Town. I look'd about, and mist a Salt and four Spoons. On Tuesday Morning following, the Prisoner sent Word to his Sister to come to him at an Alehouse in Chick-Lane, so he was taken and brought to me. He seem'd very much troubled, and lamented sadly; Madam, says he, that Night you sent me out, as I went by St. Sepulcher's Church-wall, I met with a Woman that has been my Ruin: She said, my Lad, will you give me a Quartern of Gin? I told her I had no Money. No! says she, you don't look like one that wanted Money; where do ye live? I told her with Mr. Harris in Warwick-lane, Can't you rob the House? says she; sure you may steal something or other, and let it be what it will, the People of the House where I live will receive it of ye. Then, Madam, this Creature came with me to your Door, and would fain have had me let her in, but I was afraid to do that, and so she waited for me in the Alley. I took an Opportunity of slipping the four Spoons and Salt into my Pocket, and when you sent me out again, I went with this Woman to her Lodgings at William Grone's in Bishop's-Court in the Little Old-Baily. There I treated her with two Quarterns of Cherry Brandy, and then the Woman of the House (Crone's Wife) said, if I intended to lye there all Night, one of her Girls must lye out of her Bed, and therefore I must give her Half a Crown to get her another Lodging. I gave one of the Spoons to the Woman that pick'd me up, and when

Crone came home next Morning, they wanted their Reckoning, and Crone said he would dispose of the Plate for me, but I must give him a Crown for his Day's Work: So he and his Wife went out and pawn'd the Spoons for 35 s. but Crone kept the Salt himself, and he gave me but 9 s. out of the 35, and let me stay in the House till I had spent 8, and then they turn'd me out of Doors.

Court. What Tredwell confess'd may affect himself, but is no Evidence against Crone. Did you hear Crone confess any thing?

Mrs. Harris. Yes; he said when he came home on Sunday Night his Wife told him, that Madam had got a Spoon of the Gentleman's, and would not give it him; upon which, says Crone, I said to Madam, Damn ye, no Gentleman shall be affronted in my House, and my Wife shall have the Spoon. I told Crone, he must needs think the Spoons were stolen. I vow to God, Madam, says he, I thought the Fellow look'd like an honest Fellow. I own my Wife keeps an ill House, but I can't help it, she'll cut my Throat if I don't submit to her, for she is worth Money.

Mr. Lambkin. Crone and his Wife came together to my House, and pawn'd the Spoons for 35 s. she told me while I stood by, that they were her t'other Husband's Spoons.

Constable. Crone own'd to me that he pawn'd the Spoons at Lambkin's.

Crone. I own that I had the Salt and pawn'd the Spoons, and Tredwell gave 'em me to pawn to discharge his Reckoning, for he had run up 26 s. that Night and the next Morning.

Tredwell. I own I took the Things, but I was enticed to it by the Woman that lodges at Crone's. I never was guilty of any such Fact before I gave Crone the Spoons and Salt to pawn, and he pretended to me that he pawn'd 'em all for 35 s. but he afterwards confess'd that he pawn'd only the Spoons for so much, and kept the Salt himself.

Two or three Witnesses appear'd to Crone's Character. They swore he was a very honest Man and kept a Bawdy House, and they never heard any thing amiss of him.

The Jury found Tredwell guilty to the Value of 4 s. 10 d. and Crone guilty of the Indictment.

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