Edward Perkins, John Macgrady, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 6th September 1732.

Reference Number: t17320906-31
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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38, 39. Edward Perkins and John Macgrady of St. Sepulchre's , were indicted for assaulting Thomas Wallis in a Field or open Place near the Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him a Hat, Value 2 s. a Coat, Value 10 s. a Waistcoat, Value 6 s. a pair of Shoes, Value 6 d. a pair of Buckles, Value 3 d. a Piece of Foreign Coin, Value 1 d. August 2 .

Thomas Wallis . On Wednesday August 2 between 7 and 8 in the Evening, as I was returning from Old Ford, I overtook 2 Men and one Woman in the Rope Walk , and having past them, the 2 Prisoners and another Man soon after came up, took me by the Throat,

and knock'd me into a Ditch; one of them took my Hat, another my Shoes and Buckles, and a third unbutton'd my Coat, and endeavour'd to pull it off; but knowing that the 2 Men I had overtaken just before could not be far behind me, I struggled and made some Resistance, in Hopes of their coming up to help me. But however, the Prisoner got off my Coat, and one of them put on my Shoes, and left me an old Pair of his in the room of them, and then they went away. I follow'd them over a Field in my Shirt, but kept at some Distance. By and by I heard a Woman shriek inwardly, and soon after she cry'd out Murder aloud. The two Men whom I had past were by this time but a little behind me, and they holla'd. I run along the Bank (the 2 Men still hallo'ing till I came to the Woman. She said, she had been robb'd by three Men, that they had cut her Apron to cram into her Mouth, and then took away her Bundle, and run over the Fields. I look'd and saw them running, and they were the same Men who had robb'd me. But as they ran they dropt the Bundle they had taken from her. Next Sunday I was told, that 2 such Men were in the Watch-house in Rag-Fair; I went to see them, and they proved to be the Prisoners.

John Smith . On Thursday Morning the 3d of Aug. I was drinking at the Black Bay in Well-Street; the Prisoners were there, and I heard them say, that they and Black Isaac had stript a Man by the Rope-Walk of a Coat and Waistcoat, and afterwards knock'd a Woman down, and robb'd her of a Bundle. So I went out and inform'd against them.

Court. Was you acquainted with them? 'tis very strange that they should talk of such Things in so publick a manner.

Smith. I had drank with them at that House before; not that I was ever concern'd with them in any Robberies: But they were making their Brags of these Robberies before several Women in the Yard.

John Matthews , Constable. I was sent for by Justice Ricards to take them up on Smith's Information; they both confess'd the Fact, and where the Hat was pawn'd, which was found accordingly. Perkins desired to be made an Evidence.

William Cooper , Constable. They both confess'd, and told us, that the Hat was pawn'd at the Golden Ball in the Minories, and that Black Isaac run away with the Coat. The Pawnbroker deliver'd the Hat to us very readily.

Thomas Cooper . I happen'd to be at the Queen's Head in the Old Baily last Night; the Prosecutor Wailis, and this Evidence Smith were then Eating and Drinking together; they boasted of having these Prisoners in their Hands, and what good Bread they should make of 'em.

Wallis. I said no such thing.

Cooper. You said, it was very good Bread; and Smith said, Aye, so it is, you have sworn one away already; but have you got your Dosson ready? And you made answer, and said, Yes, by God have I; for I said it last Night instead of my Prayers.

Smith. I was not at the Queen's Head last Night.

Matthews, the Constable. You was there several Hours; I saw you there myself.

Several Others. He was there; we all saw him.

Justice Ricards. The Prisoner Macgrady was first taken: He desir'd to be made an Evidence, and made a voluntary Confession on the 6th of August, which was taken in Writing, read to, and then sign'd by him. 'Tis here in Court.

Then the Confession was read. Macgrady therein says, that on Wednesday last, he and the Prisoner, and Black Isaac alias Isaac Wood , by the 4 Roads near Bethnal-Green, robb'd a Man of a Coat, a Waistcoat, and a pair of Shoes, and presently after, Black Isaac knock'd down a young Woman, and took a Bundle from her; but they being pursued, dropt it, and she took it up again; and that on the Thursday before, he, with one Daniel, who frequents the Black Boy Brandy-shop, committed another Robbery, and that they gave the Cloaths to Mary Angel , Rachel Oram , and - Beanmont, to sell for them.

Justice Ricards. On the 11th of August, the Prisoner Perkins sent to me from New Prison, and made a Confession, which was likewise taken in Writing, and is in Court.

[Then the Confession of Perkins was read.] He says, that 5 Weeks ago, he and Moco Jack broke into a Shed by White-Chapel Church,

and stole from thence a Gown and other Apparel, which they carry'd to the Black Boy, kept by one Emery and his Wife, who are Receivers of stolen Goods, and their Shop is a Rendezvous for Thieves. That he and Macgrady, and Black Isaac robb'd a Man of his Coat and Waistcoat and Shoes, and knock'd down a Woman, and took away her Bundle near Bednel Green, and that they gave the Goods they stole to Rachel Oram , Hester Unhill , Bacon Nan, and Mary Hannah to sell for 'em, and that Abel Gibson , alias White, Crab and Stocking who frequent the Black Boy, are Pick-pockets, and commonly attend at Night about Aldgate. The Jury found the Prisoners Guilty of the Indictment. Death .

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