Charles Patrick, William Meeds, Viner White, John Vaughan, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 6th September 1732.

Reference Number: t17320906-28
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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32. 33, 34, 35. Charles Patrick , and William Meeds , was a fourth Time; Viner White , a second Time; and John Vaughan , were indicted for assaulting James Smith , Clerk , in an open Place or Field near the High way, putting him in Fear, and taking from him a Silver Snuff-box, value 20 s. a Gold ring, value 20 s. 3 Iron Keys, value 5 s. one Guinea, two Half-Guineas, and 5 s. July 17 .

James Smith. On the 17th of July, about 10 at Night, as I was coming from London to Kentish-Town , I met 5 Boys. One of them held a Pistol to my Head, and said, If you speak a word, you're a dead Man. Deliver your Money, Doctor! I answer'd and said, Gentlemen, I am in your Power, do with me as you please. Then 3 of them rifled me of a Guinea, and 3 Half-Guineas. I had my Snuff-box in my Hand, and thinking to save it, I flung it into the Ditch. They observed it, and asked me what it was that I had flung into the Ditch? I told them, Nothing; but they would not take my Word, for one of them stopping down, found the Snuff-box. They felt about my Waistcoat Pocket, and asked me what I had got there? And I said, Only some Drugs for poor People; and so they went away. It was so dark I can't be sure that the Prisoners are any of those that robbed me,

W. Booth. I and the 4 Prisoners were at Buck's Gin-shop in St. Giles's all Day, and at Night we concluded to go a robbing. We went up Tottenham-Court Road, and near the Halfway-house, betwixt Hampstead, and Kentish-Town, we met this Parson (the Prosecutor.) Patrick had one Pistol, and I another. Patrick went up to the Parson, and bid him stand; and then searching one of his Pockets, took out 3 s. and some Halfpence, and two Farthings ; and Meeds searching the other, found 3 Half Guineas. I saw the Parson throw something down, and asking him what it was that he threw away, he said, he threw away nothing. Yes, but you have, says I; and stooping down, I found it was a Silver Snuff box. I took it up and gave it to Vaughan, and he afterwards gave it to his Creature, who is now in Newgate, and she sold it for 6 s. and brought us the Money. It was

an old-fashion'd Box, all wroughted at Top. While the others were examining the Parson's Pockets, Vaughan and White stood threatning to shoot him thro' the Head if he did not stand still; but I'll say that for the Gentleman, he was very easy. Smith. Not so easy as you think for.

White. Was I there?

Booth. Yes.

Patrick. Who held the Pistol to the Parson?

Booth. You did.

Patrick. Of what Size were they that robb'd you?

Smith. They were all Boys of a small Size.

White. I had known Booth but a Fortnight, by playing at Skettles with him, and happening to meet with him and some others, as he was going Home, I bore him Company, and by the Way we met this Gentleman the Parson; but as soon as I perceiv'd they intended to rob him, I ran away. I have several People to my Reputation.

Tho Cross . I have known him 10 Years, and never knew any Harm of him. He is a Smith by Trade, and has work'd in my House.

William Babh . I have known him 15 Years. He served his Time with his Father, a Stove-Grate-maker, in Tyburn-road, and he constantly work'd with him since.

James Parslow . I have known him 7 or 8 Years; he has been at my House often; his Father is a very honest Man, and his Mother an honest Woman.

James Dryhurst . I have been his Neighbour 14 or 15 Years and always took him to be an industrious, working, honest Lad.

James Blun . I have lived in the Neighbourhood 20 Years. I have known him from his Birth. He has work'd many Years with his Father, and continued so to do, till he was taken up.

Richard Ball . I have known him for 7 or 8 Years to be a sober, honest, hard working, Pains-taking Lad.

Edward Harvey . I have known White and Meeds from Children, they bore a good Character, and were as Pains-taking Lads as any in the Neighbourhood.

Samuel Hoback . Vaughan was my Apprentice. I am a Plane-maker by Trade. He served me 3 Years, and then went to Sea, which is about 11 or 12 Years ago. But when he was ashore he often came to see me, as he did about 3 Months ago; and I understood then that he was going to Portsmouth. While he lived with me, he was a faithful Servant. The Jury found all the Prisoners guilty . Death .

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