Charles Patrick, William Meeds, Viner White, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 6th September 1732.

Reference Number: t17320906-27
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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29, 30, 31. Charles Patrick and William Meeds , of St. George's Hanover-square , were a third time indicted, and Viner White of the same Place, was indicted for assaulting Dorothy Blackstone on the Highway, putting her in Fear, and taking from her a Pocket, Value 1 d. 2 Handkerchiefs, Value 1 s. a Linen Apron, Value 1 s. an Iron Snuff-Box, Value 1 d. a pair of Gloves, Value 6 d. and 4 Guineas , June 28 .

Dorothy Blackstone. On the 28th of June, as I was coming along Gravener [Grosvenor] Street , between 10 and 11 at Night, I was attack'd by 5 Street-Robbers. One of them held out a Pistol, and bid me Stand. I knowing some Chairmen were near, call'd out for Assistance, when he that had the Pistol struck me on the Head with the but-end of it, and cut me sadly. Then they took away my Pocket with 4 Guineas, 4 Handkerchiefs, a Snuff-Box, and a pair of Gloves.

They went two or three Steps from me, when one of them turned back, and pulled off my Apron. tho' the others desired him not to do it. If I can judge (considering the Fright I was in) I think he in the middle [Viner White] was the Person that pull'd off my Apron; but it's a Case of Life and Death and I would not be positive for the World. It was indeed a Moonlight Night, but I was robb'd on the dark Side of the Way. They went away thro' Grosvenor Meuse . I called to the Chair-men, but they lost 'em.

Booth. Sutton and I with the Prisoners, went round Grosvenor-Square, and seeing no body but the Prosecutor, Patrick and Meeds went and got before her, by the End of Little George-street, and stopt her. Says she, What do you want? And, says Patrick, What, are you saucy ? And with that he cut her over the Head with his Pistol. So that the Blood ran down. She cry'd out and Meeds cut her Pocket off. There was 3 Guineas, an old Handkerchief, and a Pair of Gloves in it. I found no more Money, but Meeds, I believe, had finger'd her Pocket first, and then bid me take it. As we were going away, Viner White turned back and pull'd off her Apron. When we came to a Lamp in Piccadilly, we took out the Things. I had the 3 Guineas. We threw the Gloves over the Rails of a Gentleman's House; and then we went to a Gin shop in Drury-lane, over-against Short's Gardens ( where we knew the People usually got up by 2 in the Morning.) There we pawn'd the Handkerchief for Half a Pint of Gin, and staid till 8 or 9 a Clock; and from thence we went to the Goat in Newport-Market, and got some Steaks for Breakfast.

Viner White. Booth has ow'd me a spite ever since I beat him in the Skettle-Ground.

Sutton. We robb'd the Prosecutor in Grosvenor-street by the Corner of Little George-street. Patrick struck her on the Head with a Pistol, and knock'd her down. Meeds cut her Pocket, in which was 3 Guineas, a Handkerchief, and a Pair of Gloves. Then we went over White-Conduit Field, and so to a Gin-shop in Drury-lane, where we pawned the Handkerchief.

Court. Was there nothing else taken from her?

Sutton. No, nothing.

Court. The Prosecutrix swears, and so does Booth too, that one of you turned back, and pull'd off her Apron.

Sutton. I believe there was an Apron, now I think on't.

The Jury found them guilty of the Indictment. Death .

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