Charles Patrick, William Meads, Violent Theft > highway robbery, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 6th September 1732.

Reference Number: t17320906-26
Offences: Violent Theft > highway robbery; Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdicts: Guilty
Punishments: Death
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27, 28. Charles Patrick and William Meads , were indicted for assaulting Joseph Andrews in a Field or open Place, near the Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him a Silver Watch, Value 5 l. a pair of Silver Buckles, Value 16 s. a Hat, Value 10 s. a Pocket Looking-glass, Value 6 s. a Silver Knee Buckle, Value 3 s. 2 Pieces of Foreign Silver, Value 1 s. 6 d. a Cotton Handkerchief, Value 1 s. and 17 s. 6 d. in Money , in the Parish of St. Mary le Bon , July 2 .

They were a second time Indicted for assaulting Mary Cooling on the Highway, putting her in Fear, and taking from her a Mother-of Pearl Snuff-Box, with a Silver Rim, Value 10 s. a Steel Toothpick-Case, Value 6 d. a Silver Toothpick, Value 6 d. and a Fan, Value 1 s. in the Parish of St. Mary le Bon, July 10 .

First Indictment.

The Prosecutor being a Frenchman, a Gentleman was sworn to interpret betwixt him and the Prisoners.

Joseph Andrews. On the 2d of July, between 9 and 10 Night, I was attack'd near the Bason in Marybon-fields by 4 Lads, but I cannot swear to any of them; one of them, who was a little one in a white Frock, held a Pistol to my Head, and push'd it against my Forehead. I could not understand what they said; but I cry 'd, O my God! O my Dear! Then the other three fell upon me, and the little one beat me on the Head with the Pistol, and they all got about me, and pull'd me on the Ground. They took off my Shoe-buckles, took away my Hat, my Watch, my Pocket Looking-glass, my Handkerchief, 6 s. 6 d. and 2 French Pieces of Silver, one of 24 Sols, and one of 12 Sols, and then were going away; but just as I was getting up, one of them came back and took one of my Knee Buckles, thinking it had been Silver, and then gave me 2 or 3 Knocks on the Face, and so left me, and I went home. After this, one Kirk, a Bailiff, came to my House, and ask'd me if I had not been robb'd at such a time? I said, Yes. And did not you lose a Watch? said he; I told him, Yes. He shewed me a Watch, and ask'd me if that was mine? And I said, Yes; and then he told me, that he fetch'd it out of pawn.

Kirk. I ask'd the Prosecutor if he knew the Marks of his Watch? And he describ'd it to me, and said the Maker's Name was Lugg, and he shew'd me a Piece of String that match'd with the String of the Watch. Sutton told me of the robbing this Man in Marybon-fields, and by Sutton's Information I found this Watch at the Rose in Stanhope-street, where it was pawn'd for 38 s. which I paid, and took it out.

George Sutton . I and Wils Booth, and the 2 Prisoners robb'd the Prosecutor near the new Bason in Marybon-fields, of a Watch, a pair of Shoe-Buckles, a Knee-Buckle, a Pocket-Glass, a Pocket-Piece, and 3 s. 6 d. in Money; for 3 s. 6 d. was all that I saw. Patrick presented the Pistol, and then knock'd him down with it; and then we all fell upon him, and while he was down, tore off his Knee-Buckle with part of his Garter.

Court. The Prosecutor swears, not that he left the Knee-Buckle when he was down, and you were all about him, but that you were going away, and then one turn'd back, and took it from him as he was rising.

Sutton. Booth took the Watch and Glass, and the Pocket-Piece, and I took the Money. That Day as I was taken ( which is 6 Weeks ago) I came from Paddington-Fair with the 2 Prisoners, and parting with them near my Lord Bingly's House, I had not gone far, before I was apprehended by 3 or 4 Men, who carried me to the House of one Brock*, in

Drury-Lane, and took me up Stairs, and there (before I was examin'd by a Justice) Tom How , Will James, and Will Pember took my Informaion in Writing. I lay that Night in the same House along with Tom How , and next Morning they carried me before Justice Robe.

* Alias Brogdon Poplet.

Court. Those People ought not to take upon them to prepare and draw up Informatons, and to settle among themselves whatever they design the Informist shall swear before a Justice, or in this Court. Informations are to be taken before a proper Magistrate, that the Publick may be satisfied, that no unfair Practices have been made use of.

Patrick. Whither did we go after the Robbery?

Sutton. To an Alehouse in Holborn, where I never was before, there we had 2 full Pots of Beer. From thence we went to the King's Arms, the Corner of Laurence-Lane, in St. Giles's, where we lay all 4 in one Bed. I pawn'd the Watch in the Name of James Hargrove , for 38 s. at a House near Clare-Market; but I don't know the Name of the Street, nor the Pawnbroker. I pawn'd the Hat for 2 s. 6 d. and the Shoe-Buckles for 3 s. near Hicks's Hall, and Will Booth sold the Pocket-Piece for 10 d.

William Noon , the Pawnbroker's Man. I can't swear positively that Sutton brought the Watch to me, only as he confess'd it at Kirk's House. I took it in on the 3d of July in the Morning, it was Numb. 441. made by Love (or Lugg). I deliver'd it to Mr. Kirk, and he paid me 38 s.

Evan Bedward . I was charg'd with the Prisoners, and carried them to New-Prison, but Sutton not being committed, he absconded, and then Will Booth was made an Evidence in his room.

Will Booth. We all met at one Buck's, a Gin-shop in St. Giles's, where we use to drink; and from thence we went towards the Bason in Marybon-fields, where we met this French Gentleman. Patrick held a Pistol to his Head, they struggled, and Patrick knock'd him down with the Pistol. I took his Watch, and a Copper Pocket-Piece, and Glass; Sutton took his Handkerchief, Hat, and 3 s. 6 d. and Meeds took his Shoe-buckles, and one Knee-Buckle, and tore the Garter off with it. Then we went over the Fields, and hid the Hat by a Bank; so to the Two Brewers in Holborn, where we had 2 Pots of Beer, and then went to the King's-Arms in Laurence-Lane, where we all lay in one Bed for 1 s. Next Morning Sutton went to the Three Cocks, near Hicks's-Hall, and pawn'd the Hat for 2 s. 6 d. the Buckles in Chick-Lane for 3 s. 6 d. and the Watch by Clare-Market for 38 s. and I sold the Pocket-Piece for 10 d. in Holborn. Then we went to an Alehouse over the Water, kept by Meeds's Mother's Acquaintance; there we eat Bread and Butter and Cucumbers, and drank Bottled-Ale, and shared the Money: We threw away the Handkerchief, and threw the Knee-Buckle over St. George's Church, and the Pocket-Glass over a House in Holborn.

Patrick. Where were we the Night before the Robbery?

Booth. At Buck's Gin shop, where we all met, and where we use to be Night and Day.

Patrick. At what Hour was the Robbery committed?

Booth. About 9 or 10 at Night.

Patrick. After we were taken, Will James, Tom How , and William Pember , the Thief-Takers, sat drinking with us, and Will James call'd me aside, and desir'd me to be an Evidence. He told me they had treated Sutton with Fowls, and next Morning they gave him leave to go to his Father's, and he run away; and that if I would be an Evidence, he would get me part of the Reward, and be bound Body for Body that I should be out of Prison the Day after the Sessions.

Meeds. I have several Persons to my Character.

Tho Harrison . Meeds is a Plaisterer ; he lived in my House last Year, and behaved well.

Jos. Martin. I have known him 3 Years; I have seen him go out in the Morning, and return at Night in his working Cloaths, and I know nothing to the contrary, but that he went to work. I have trusted him in my House when I have had 100 l. worth of my Lord Grantham's Goods under my Care, and I never miss'd any thing.

Mrs. Lorain Haycock. I have known him these 15 Years, and have always liv'd in the same Neighbourhood, but never heard the least of him before. He has been married

a Year, and follow'd his Plaistering Business.

William Paget . I have known him 8 Years; I have frequently seen him pass by to his Work, and repass. He always had a good Character.

William Bauk . I am a Waterman; I take in a great Quantity of Goods under my Care; he has liv'd in my House 2 Years (within these 4 Years) and I never miss'd any thing; he us'd to come and go about his Plaistering Work, and had a very good Character.

Second Indictment.

Mary Cowling . On the 10th of July, between 8 and 9 in the Evening, in my Return from Marybon, 4 Men met me by my Lord Bingly's House, the Corner of Cavendish-square ; I stept aside to give 'em the way, but one of them holding up a Pistol, cry'd Stand; or I'll shoot you thro' the Head. I hope, says I, you are not Rogues indeed. But presently one of them threw me down, turn'd up my Coats, and took hold of my Pocket, and pull'd it off. There was in it a Mother-of-Pearl Snuff-Box lin'd with Silver, a Fan, a Toothpick-Case, and a Toothpick. I was fetch'd before Justice Robe to own my Box, which was brought there by one William How from St. Ann's.

William How . I am a Baker; but my Wife keeps a Chandler's-shop, and sells a Dram. On the 11th of July, Sutton and Booth, and the 2 Prisoners came to my Shop to drink; they staid about half an Hour, and then Sutton and the Prisoner Patrick call'd me aside into the Entry, and desir'd me to lend them 7 s. 6 d. on this Box, which I did, and they paid me for the Liquor, and went away. Tom How and 2 other Men came about 8 in the Morning, and enquir'd if I had not receiv'd such a Box of Booth? I told 'em I had such a Box. I went with them before Justice Robe, and there deliver'd the Box to Thomas Owen . I knew Sutton had good Friends, and therefore I thought the Box had been his own.

Sutton. We robb'd the Prosecutor by Scavender [Cavendish] Square, and cut off her Pocket. There was a Fan and a gilt Snuff-Box in it, and some other odd Things. We tore the Fan and the Pocket, and threw them away. We attack'd her as she was coming from Owen's (the Half-way House from Marybon) she stept aside, Patrick held a Pistol to her, she scream'd ; Meeds hit her in the Face, she fell down, and we cut off her Pocket. I kept the Snuff-Box all Night, and next Morning we went to a Gin-shop in St. Giles's, and from thence to Will How's.

Booth. We met the Prosecutor by Scavenger-square, and said one to t'other, Let's rob her. Patrick held a Pistol to her; Sure, says she, you are not Rogues? Yes, but we are, said we. Sutton hit her in the Face.

Court. Are you sure it was Sutton? for he swears it was Meed.

Booth. I can safely swear it was Sutton. Besides other Things, we took a Pocket-Piece from her with a V o' top on't. Then we went over the Fields, sat down in the Grass, search'd the Pocket, and then tore it, and threw it away. Sutton kept the Box all Night. Next Morning we went to the Gin-shop, and from thence to Will How's; Sutton and Patrick went out with How, and borrow'd 7 s. 6 d. on the Box.

Patrick. While we were at Will How's, Sutton came in, and said he had got the Box from his Sister, and therefore would treat us.

The Jury found them guilty of both Indictments. Death .

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