Robert Element.
5th July 1732
Reference Numbert17320705-6
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty
SentencesDeath; Death

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6. Robert Element , of Shadwell , was indicted for breaking and entring the House of Ann Coniers , and stealing a Riding Hood, a Looking glass, a Shift, a Shirt, 3 Caps, four Towels, and a Pillow; the Goods of Ann Coniers : Two Shirts, and 5 Stocks, the Goods of JamesRule : Two Shifts, 3 Aprons, 4 Caps, 2 Suits of Pinners, a silk Girdle and Silver Buckle, and 3 Handkerchiefs, the Goods of John Cox . April 17 , in the Night .

He was a second Time indicted for stealing a Drugget Coat, a Pair of Breeches, a Pair of Shoes, a Shirt, a Hat, a Wig, a Gown, a Petticoat, an Apron, and 2 Silver Tea-spoons, and other Things, to the Value of 50 s. the Goods of Robert Dallison , in his House , in the Parish of St. Giles's in the Fields , June 10 .

First Indictment.

Ann Coniers . I live in New-Gravel-Lane , and wash Linen for my Livelihood. On the 17th of April I went out about 9 at Night, to get a small Morsel of Money; but before I went out, I shut my Window-shutter which was within Side, and barr'd it with this little wooden Bar [about an Inch square] and I desired Mrs. Cox, whom I left at Home to lock the Door after me, which I understand she did; and that then she and my other Lodger went to Bed. I came Home at about Half an Hour past 10, and found my Door was lock'd, but my Kitchen-Casement was open, a Pane of Glass was taken out, and my little Bar was cut. When I came in, I mist my Riding-Hood, a Looking-glass, a Shift, and other Linen of my own, and a Box of Linen that belonged to James Rule , and Eliz. Cox. Mr. Parker, the Constable, found one of my Shifts, and my Looking-glass in Rag-Fair. Will. Fleming was taken up on the Friday, and sent me Word on Saturday, that he and the Prisoner were concerned in the Fact.

Eliz. Cox. Mrs. Coniers left me in the House, and I locked the Door after her, and went to Bed, and when she came Home, she waked me and said, the House had been broke. I lost a Box of Linen.

William Fleming . I and Jack Osborn and Jack Longmore and Prisoner were drinking together at the Black-Boy in Well-street; but Osborn and Longmore quarrell'd, and so the Prisoner and I left 'em. Afterwards we went down a Yard to the Prosecutor's House, where we took a Pane of Glass out of the Window, and cut the little Deal Bar, and open'd it. The Prisoner went in, and brought out a Looking-Glass and a Riding-Hood. He went in again, and brought out some Towels. Then I went in myself, and got a Box of Linen, and a Pocket which had two Keys in it. It was just Ten a Clock when we had done. When we got into the Street, I open'd the Box, and saw there was Linen in it, which I carried to the Prisoner's Maux's, lodging in Church-Lane, in Rag-Fair. We kept a Shirt a Piece, and gave her two Aprons for herself. She sold some of the Things next Day, in Rag-Fair, and the rest in Chick-Lane, for which she brought us 18 s. but I believe she sunk some of the Cole. I was afterwards taken up for a Street-Robbery with Osborn, Tripland, and Longmore, and sent for Mrs. Coniers, and returned her the Keys.

Edward Laurence , Constable, and Joseph Williams . We seiz'd the Prisoner on Tower-Hill, and carried him to an Ale house in Thames-street. At first he said that he was not Country Bob (a Name that he used to go by) but

when we told him, we'd carry him to New-Prison, and shew him to Fleming, he own'd the Fact, and said, I know I am a dead Man, but I'll bang that Rogue Fleming if I can for betraying me. If you'll carry me before Justice Philips, I hope he'll admit me for an Evidence. Fleming has not put this Burglary into his Information, and I'll inform against him and others for this, and for stealing a Parcel of Hats on the Thames, and several other Facts. Indeed, I ought to be hanged for a Fool, for coming to Town so soon; for I had run away to Brentford, where I went to sleep under a Brick-kiln, and burnt my Thigh, so that I have been since. I know Fleming can't hurt me for any Thing but this one Fact of breaking the House in New-Gravel-Lane.

Prisoner. I have not a Friend in the World, but if you take away my Life, I shall dye as innocent as any Man living. Guilty , Death .

Second Indictment.

Robert Dallison . The Prisoner lay in a Corner of the same Room that I and my Wife lay in. But there was something placed betwixt the two Beds, to hide one from the other. About 2 in the Morning the Neighbours finding all the Doors open, came in and waked us. Our Goods were lost, and the Prisoner gone; but I fo und him in Clerkenwell Bridewell on the Friday following, and he had on my Hat, Coat, Breeches, Shoes, and Stockings. He confest before Justice Giffard, that he took them all from me.

Court. How came he to lodge in your Room?

Dallison. Very odly. About 3 Weeks before, he was lying asleep upon a Bulk in Bloomsbury-market, with his Shirt hanging out of his Breeches. Some Boys pinn'd a Paper to his Shirt, and setting Fire to it, burnt his Back-side, upon which he went to a Constable to have them taken up; and it being said, that my Son was one of them, the Constable told me that I must take Care of him till he was well. Tho' I have since been informed, that he received but little Hurt by what the Boys did to him, and that he had got the chief Damage before, by lying in a Brick-kiln.

Elizabeth Dallison corroborated her Husband's Evidence.

Prisoner. It was Dallison's Son that pulled out my Shirt, and burnt me shamefully. If you please I can shew you the Marks. And when I first came up to lodge in Mr. Dallison's Room, he swore he would murder me, and he has owed me a Grudge ever since. Guilty , Death .

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