George Scroggs.
14th January 1732
Reference Numbert17320114-13

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14. George Scroggs , of Tottenham , was indicted for assaulting Charles Bellinger , Clerk , in an open Place, near the Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him a Gold-Ring with a Cornelian-Seal , value 10 s. 1 Silk Purse, value 1 d. and 3 s. and 6 d. in Money , on the 14th of February last.

Charles Bellinger. I am Curate of Tottenham-Church . On Sunday the 14th of February last, about 10 in the Morning, as I was going from my House to the Church, in a publick Way, about a Quarter of a Mile from the Church, and a 100 Yards from the Houses, I was stopp'd by the Prisoner, who came out of a Lane Parallel with the Road. He presented a Pistol, and said, If I spoke a Word he would shoot me dead. He took half a Crown from me, and other lose Money, besides a GEOGIUS Half-penny, (an R being wanting in the Name) which were all in a Silk-Purse, and from the little Finger of my Left Hand, he took a Gold Ring with a Cornelian Stone, impress'd with a Mole, which was my Grandmother's Coat of Arms, and then he return'd to the Lane he came out of; I would have gone back into the Road, but with his Pistol he oblig'd me to go to Church. Since which, he was committed by Justice Bobun of Enfield , for an Assault, with Intent to commit a Robbery. I saw him last Sunday in Newgate. The Keeper refus'd to let me see him alone, but call'd all the Prisoners and made them pass by me. I pick'd

him out from the others. The Keeper said that Man's Name was West; but, says I, let his Newgate Name be what it will, I know him perfectly well, for he was not disguis'd when he robb'd me.

William Glover . As soon as Mr. Bellinger came to the Grate in Newgate , he said, I see him already; the Prisoner in passing held down his Head.

Prisoner. I am as Innocent of the Fact as the Child unborn . I was sick of an Ague and Fever at the time the Prosecutor says he was robb'd, but my Mother, who knows it to be true, and would have been an Evidence for me, is now sick in Shreyshire , and this is sworn upon me only for the sake of the Reward. The Jury found him Guilty . Death .

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