Thomas Woolcott, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 8th December 1731.

Reference Number: t17311208-41
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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Thomas Woolcott , of St. George's , was indicted for assaulting James Duffell on the Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him fifteen pence half-penny , the 15th of October last.

James Duffell . On the 15th October, about 11 at Night, in Well-Close-Square , the Prisoner came out of a Turning and follow'd me. When I came near a Lamp I made a Stand, and look'd him full in the Face; he had a Bar of a Window under his Arm, by which I took him to be some Carpenter's Prentice . I saw another Man behind him at a Distance. The Watchman was then beating the Hour at the Corner of the Square, so that I was out of Fear; but turning about, I had hardly gone 3 Steps when the Prisoner knock'd me down, and struck me 4 or 5 Blows afterwards. Then he put his Hand in my left Pocket, and took out fifteen pence half-penny, which I had there. With scuffling and struggling, I had the good Luck to save my Watch in my Fob. The Watch came to my Assistance (when the Prisoner was gone) and carry'd me to Mr. Sandford, a Surgeon, who dress'd my Head. In 3 or 4 Days I called upon Mr. Sandford again to pay him for his Trouble. He told me that he had heard the Watchman say that he saw one of the Fellows run from me, and knew who he was. I sent for the Watchman, and describ'd the Prisoner to him. The Watchman told me that that Man was the Captain of the Gang, that he had run away from his Master, and now went a thieving. I was sent for to Justice Philips's, when the Prisoner and another were brought before him; I directly said the Prisoner was the Man, but he would not confess any thing then.

Joseph Sandford , Surgeon. On the 15th of October, about 11 at Night, the Prosecutor was brought to my House, by two Men. I found a large confused Wound on the back Part of his Head. I stopp'd the Hemorrhage , and dress'd his Head. He told me he had been knock'd down by Street-Robbers, under the Lamp in Well-Close-Square, and that they had taken fifteen pence half-penny from him.

John Jones , the Watchman. As I was beating the Round, I heard some Fellows rioting and singing, and thought they were playing the Rogue; but by and by I heard a hard Stroke, which I thought was against a Post, and going forward I found the Prosecutor lying on the Ground, all bloody, without his Hat or Wig. He begg'd me to help him up, and carry him to a Surgeon.

John Hinds . As I was going over Salt Petre Bank, I saw three Fellows near the Square; one of 'em is named - Perkins, and another is call'd Nice Neddy . Standing at my own Door, I heard the Blow, and going up to the Prosecutor, I saw him bloody, and without Hat or Wig.

William Carly , Constable. After the Prisoner was committed to Newgate, he confess'd to me that he and three more were concern'd in this Robbery, and that himself took the Money.

Prisoner. I, and Nice Neddy, and Will Woolcott, and Ned Perkins , were all concern'd in this Thing. I had a Stick in my Hand; and so when I had knock'd him down, we took three pence in Money from him, and then we were forced to run away.

Robert Pease . The Prisoner was my 'Prentice. He serv'd me three Years and a half, and has receiv'd and paid Money for me very honestly; and has work'd (Cooper's Work) among the Merchants, and I never knew him wrong any Body, till lately he has been drawn away by wild Company, and got a Trick of lying out o' Nights. The Jury found him guilty . Death .

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