John Norman, John Rogers.
8th December 1731
Reference Numbert17311208-40

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John Norman and John Rogers , of St. George's Bloomsbury , were indicted for assaulting John Mosely on the Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him a Silver Seal, value 2 s. and 9 s. 8 d. in Money , the 17th of October last.

John Mosely. On Sunday Night, the 17th of October, as I was passing along Southampton-Row in Bloomsbury , the Prisoners follow'd me. Norman clapp'd a Pistol to my Breast, and demanded my Money; I told 'em I had none for them: Sir, says he, if you speak a Word more you are a dead Man. Rogers came on my Right-side, and took my Seal, and about 18 d, and unbutton'd my Breeches, and took about 8 s. 6 d. more. D - n ye, says he, where's your Watch; I told 'em, I had none. They were going off, and I said to put up my Breeches. D - n ye, says Norman, what do ye stay for? Go along, or I'll shoot ye thro' the Head. I moved forward, and they went away. This was about one hundred Yards of my own Lodgings. On Wednesday Night afterwards I heard that they were committed to th e Counter, and that they were taken by James Parrot , as they attempted to rob him in Bell-Alley, Coleman-street. Norman confess'd in the Counter, that he had robb'd me, I pick'd him out, tho' he was a Bed, from above a hundred; several of whom pretended to be him.

John Parrot . On the 20th of October, at Night, I took the Prisoners as they attempted to rob me in Bell-Alley, and found a Bill of Indictment against them for it; but as a Cane was taken from me in the scuffle , I was advis'd to find another against them for a Robbery; but before it could be done, the Grand-Jury for London was discharged.

Norman's Confession before Sir William Billers was read, in which, he says, ' That on ' the 17th of October, he and Rogers, and Hunter, ' stopt a Man near Pancras, but finding ' no more than 9d. about him, they would ' not take it away. That the same Night, ' himself and Rogers robb'd a Man (the Prosecutor) ' of 8s. 6d. in Bloomsbury, and on ' the 20th following, attempted to rob another ' Man ( John Parrot ) in Little-Bell-Alley, ' in which Fact they were taken.'

George Bray . I am a Packer by Trade, Rogers is my Apprentice, and has served me 5 Years and a half, and I believe he was an honest Servant to me. On the 11th of October last, being the King's Coronation-Day, he work'd all Day, and I gave him leave to go out at Night. He did not come home to Bed, and having heard that he had been in a Quarrel, and was beat and bruised, I thought he was asham'd to be seen, and the next News was, that he was apprehended.

Mr. Cockle . The Prisoner Rogers (his Master being my Packer) has done Business for me these five Years, and has had scarce over less than the value of 1000 l. of mine in his Custody, and it has been in his Power almost at any time, to wrong me of a 100 or 200 l. but I never had Cause to suspect him .

Richard Chadwick . I have trusted Rogers

with Goods to a great Value, and he has had frequent Opportunity to have robb'd me, but I never knew that he wrong'd me of a Farthing.

The Jury found them guilty . Death .

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