Samuel Cole, Edward Paine, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 8th December 1731.

Reference Number: t17311208-37
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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Samuel Cole , and Edward Paine , of St. Sepulchres , were indicted for assaulting William Brown on the Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him a Watch, value 40 s. a Chain, value 5 s. a Seal, value 4 s. and 16 s. in Money , the 9th of November last.

William Brown . On the 9th of November last, about 9 o'Clock at Night. I was passing in a Coach along the Horse-Market in Smithfield , when the Coach was stopp'd by 3 Men. Cole open'd the Door, and clapping a Pistol to my Breast, said, G - d d - n your blood! your Money! and then he came into the Coach, and took 16 Shillings and my Watch. Pain, the other Prisoner, stood at the Door at the same time, in a red Coat, and the 3d Man stood by the Horses with a Pistol in his Hand. I could see them plainly by the Lights in the Shops, for it was not far from the Houses.

Samuel Cole . When I was before the Justice, the Prosecutor deny'd that he knew me.

William Brown . No. Being fetch'd in a hurry before the Justice, I said then, that I verily believed that you, was the Man. But I was not so positive then as I am now, I have fully recollected my Memory.

P - J - . I and the 2 Prisoners stopp'd the Coach, and committed the Robbery. Pain stood by with a Pistol, while Cole open'd the Coach Door, went in, and robb'd the Prosecutor of his Watch, and 8 s. as he told me; for if he took more he sunk it. From thence we went and drank together at Mr. Oads's, at the Goat in Black-Boy-Alley , in Chick-Lane.

Pain. He swears I had a Pistol when I stood by the Coach; 'tis false, I had nothing in my Hand but a Stick.

- Oads. P - , and the 2 Prisoners were at my House together; they seem'd to be acquainted with one another. Pain is a Beef Carrier, and goes by the Name of Jumbo .

- Bistow. I live in Parker's-Lane. Cole and P - lodged together at my House, I took them for 2 Sailors.

- French. I keep an Alehouse in Cross-Lane. P - has been at my House in Company with the Prisoners.

Pain. I could have but a short Acquaintance with I - , for I am but just come from Sea. What I know of him is, that he is a Cooper by Trade, and that when he was taken up, he deny'd that he knew any thing of the Watch.

Cole. I was taken up first about a Quarrel, and was the Cause of P - being apprehended; but he had Friends.

Richard Pointer . I am a Musician, or a Fidler, or what you please to call me. The Prisoner Pain, and I, have been Play-fellows. He told me, (before he was charg'd with the Robbery) that he was surpriz'd at what he had done a Night or two ago, when P - and Cole had drawn him into a Robbery. And I know that he apply'd himself to catch them.

Cole. This Fidler keeps a House to entertain Pick-pockets.

William Brown . P - and Cole were taken in Moor-fields. I found my Watch at the Pawnbroker's, to whom the Fidler directed me.

Pawnbroker. P - brought the Watch to me, Pain and the Fidler came to enquire if I had taken it in. The Fact being plainly prov'd, the Jury found them both Guilty . Death .

When the Jury gave their Verdict against Pain, he endeavour'd to force a Smile, and said, G - d D - n all of ye! my Lord Mayor and all. But when he came to receive Sentence, he begg'd Pardon of the Court for his Rashness, and said he was drunk when he utter'd those Expressions.

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