William Trevor, Robert Nowland.
8th December 1731
Reference Numbert17311208-36

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William Trevor , and Robert Nowland , alias Nowls , of St. Andrew's Holbourn , were indicted for breaking and entring the House of Thomas Gibson, in the Day time, no Person being therein, and stealing from thence a Cloth-Coat, value 3 l. a Pair of Breeches, a Waistcoat, a Pair of Stockings, 2 Shirts, a Table-Cloth, 2 Sheets, and 7 Guineas , the Goods and Money of Thomas Gibson , the 2d of November last.

At the Request of the Prisoners, the Witnesses for the Prosecutor were examined separately.

Thomas Gibson . On the 2d of November last, about 10 in the Morning, I lock'd my Room Door, and went from home. I return'd between 3 and 4 in the Afternoon, and found my Door wrench'd open, and my Goods gone. The Prisoner Trevor confess'd the Fact before the Justice.

Then Trevor's Confession was read in Court, in which he says, ' That John Kelly , ' Thomas Kelly , Francis Norris , and himself, ' broke open and robb'd a House in Pall-mall, ' one in St. Giles's, one opposite Stocks-Market, ' one at the Dog Tavern on Ludgate-Hill, ' for which he was try'd last Sessions, ' and acquitted; two in Thomas-Street, and ' one in a Lane in Newgate-Street, these three ' in one Day; one in Shoe-Lane, one in Drury-Lane , ' and one opposite to the back Door of St. ' Andrew's Church, in Holbourn'. This last is that for which he is now indicted.

Elizabeth Johnson . I lodge in Mr. Gibson's House. The outer Door opens into an Entry. I went out on the Day laid in the Indictment, a little after 3 in the Afternoon, and return'd a little after 4, when I found the Door open, the Entry dirty, and heard a Bustle above, when presently the Prisoner Nowland came down, and another, which I think was Trevor, follow'd him with a Bundle, he past by me so quick, that I had not leisure to take Notice of him, so that I cannot be positive that he was the Man; but Nowland stood at the Door with me, I believe, 5 Minutes. I ask'd him, Who that Man was that went out with the Bundle? I don't know who he is, says he, but he went up Stairs to a fat Man. And who do you want? says I. A young Woman, says he, her Name is Elizabeth - a - What d'ye call her? I can't think of her Name at present, but she lately married a Weaver. There's no such Person lives here, says I; and so he went away, and I went up one pair of Stairs, and saw Mr. Gibson's Door and his Drawers broke open.

- Cranwell , the Constable. I went with a Search Warrant to Patrick Nowland's House, in quest of Mr. Durant's Goods. There I met Trevor , and seeing a Bundle of Goods, I ask'd him, what it was? 'Tis a Bundle, says he, that I brought in just now. I soon after saw Mr. Gibson's Advertisement, and the Description agreed with that Bundle.

Nowland. I was left out in Trevor's Information. He says there, that he and John, and Thomas Kelly , and Francis Norris committed the Fact, and therefore I cannot be Guilty.

Trevor. I was promis'd to be made an Evidence when I gave in my Information, and therefore I think it's hard to be try'd for any Thing that I confess'd at that Time. The Jury found them both Guilty . Death .

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