James Daltman.
8th December 1731
Reference Numbert17311208-33

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James Daltman , of St. George's Bloomsbury , was indicted for assaulting Henry Burnell on the Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him 1 Silver Medal, value 2 s. and 13 Shillings , the 2d of November last.

Henry Burnell . On Tuesday Evening, as I was going along Great Russel-Street, near Montague House , the Prisoner came up, clapt a Pistol to my Breast, and demanded my Money. I gave him about 16 s. and a Silver Medal . I am one of the Directors of the Hand-in-Hand Fire-Office, and every Director has such a Medal given him, on shewing of which to the Fire-men, they know his Authority, and readily observe his Orders. After I had given the Prisoner my Money, he demanded my Watch; which I not delivering readily, he stoop'd, and taking hold of the Chain, I seiz'd his Pistol-Hand; we struggled together; he got loose, and presented his Pistol, but it did not go off. I stepp'd back a little, and drew my Sword. He ran down Queen-street. I cry'd, Stop Thief! He was taken, and brought to an Ale-house, where the Medal and 13 Shillings was found upon him. It was Moon-light, and I took such Notice of the Person who robb'd me, that I am certain the Prisoner is the Man.

William Dolman , a Patten-maker. I was standing at Mr. Bell's (a Butcher) Shop, where a Boy came and said, Mr. Bell, there's somebody robbing a Gentleman under Montague House. I stept out with my Stick, and met the Prisoner running with a Pistol in one Hand, and a Hanger in t'other. He swore he wou'd drive me, if I did not keep off. But I struck at him with my Stick, and he at me with his Hanger, and then he made off. I pursu'd him, he struck at me again, I kick'd up his Heels, and then several others came in to my Assistance. We carry'd him to an Ale house, where he was search'd, and 13 Shillings and this Medal found upon him. A Pistol was brought thither by a Boy, who said he found it where the Prisoner fell. I asked the Prisoner

if it was charged? He said, yes; but it was only with Sparrow-shot, so that it could not do much Hurt if it went off.

Broughill . I was at the Coach and Horses Alehouse in Bloomsbury, over-against Mr. Bell's, when the Boy came and said there was a Robbery. I went out, saw Mr. Dolman running after the Prisoner, and struck him. I follow'd close, and kick'd at the Prisoner's Heels as he turn'd a Corner. He was seiz'd, brought to the Alehouse, and some Money and a Medal found upon him.

George Hunt . I heard the Outcry, and pursued the Prisoner. He struck me with the flat side of his Hanger, and Mr. Dolman struck him, and made him reel; but he recover'd, and ran forward , till Mr. Dolman kick'd up his Heels, at which time he threw away his Pistol. We found upon him 13 s. this Medal, and this Bag of Gunpowder.

Israel Pain , a Chairman. I came in to their Assistance when I saw three of them down together.

- Holder. I live at the Hand and Heart over-against where the Robbery was committed. Two Boys gave the Alarm, upon which the Prisoner was pursued and taken.

The Prisoner ask'd some of the Witnesses if they had not said (since his Commitment) that they could not know him again if they saw him ? They answer'd, No. He then own'd that they found the Medal upon him, and said that he had no more to say. The Fact being plainly proved, the Jury found him Guilty . Death .

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