John Davis.
14th July 1731
Reference Numbert17310714-54
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty
SentencesDeath; Death

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John Davis , of St. Mary Islington , was indicted for assaulting William Walker Esq ; in a Field and open Place near the King's Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him a Coat, Waistcoat, a Pair of Breeches, Hat, Wig, Sword, and Nine-pence Half-penny in Money , the 10th of July, in the Year 1730 .

The Prosecutor depos'd, That coming between Islington and Oldstreet Church , in Company with one Edwards, a Painter, about 10 o'Clock at Night, he espy'd two Men coming from behind a House, that they past him, and both attacked Edwards; the other getting beyond Edwards and the Prisoner being on the London side, that he turning to the Assistance of his Companion, and having drawn his Sword, and making a Pass at him, he thinks he kill'd him, having as he supposed, run him through the Body; which Opinion he is confirmed in, by reason of an Advertisement, desiring the Person to return to his own Habitation, to take off the Scandal which had been cast upon him, by reason of his not appearing. The Prisoner seeing his Partner distress'd, came and attack'd him (this Evidence) and Edwards ran away. That the Prisoner's Partner falling into the Ditch, and pulling this Evidence upon him, gave him several Wounds with some Instrument, but he knew not with what, and bruised him very much, so that he lay 3 Months at Islington before he recovered of his Wounds and Bruises; that having over-powered him, he bid him deliver his Sword, but he gave it a throw into the Grass, that then he stripp'd him, and saying he had Money in his Shoes, pulled them off, and threw them away.

This Evidence being ask'd, if he was sure the Prisoner was the Person who robbed him? He reply'd, Yes. And that he had many times affirmed, that he should know the two Persons again if ever he should see them; that he had been in quest of the Prisoner ever since he recovered of his Wounds and Bruises, and been several times to search for him in all the Prisons in London; and that going

to see the Prisoner in Custody, he having been taken up for stealing a Cask of Small-Beer, he immediately upon Sight of him, affirmed, he was the Man. And added, that the Prisoner attempting to make himself an Evidence, had put this Robbery into the Information; and that one Nathaniel Gravetz had been concerned with him in it, whereas he had seen Gravett, and he was not the Man.

Joseph Staton depos'd, He went with the Prosecutor to see the Prisoner in Prison, and he ask'd him, if he should know the Gentleman that he had robb'd at such a Time at Islington , and he said, he believed he should, and going to the Prosecutor among several Men, said, he was like him, he was of his Size , and he did believe he was the Man.

The Fact being plainly prov'd, the Jury found him guilty of the Indictment. Death .

He was likewise indicted a second time, of St. John Pancras , for assaulting Thomas Tickford , and giving him one mortal Wound with a Pistol in the Head, of the Length of half an Inch, and the Depth of 3 Inches , the 17th of July, in the Year 1730 .

He was also indicted a third Time for assaulting Henry Tickford on the High-way, at the same time, and taking from him a Handkerchief, Hat, Hat-band and Gloves, and 19 d. in Money

Henry Tickford depos'd, That he and his Brother Thomas having been at the Funeral of one of their Brothers, as they were coming from Hendon , at the End of Fig-lane , about 11 o'Clock at Night, a Man stood behind a Post, and coming up to his Brother, bid him stand and deliver; that this Man cry'd Hyp, and then the Prisoner came up, his Brother falling back. bid them keep off, and immediately they both fired together; that there was another in their Company, who also had lain in the Ditch, which came up at their crying Hyp, that they shot his Brother in the Forehead and Cheek, and he fell, never speaking one Word, tho' he lived afterwards 33 Hours; that they slung him upon his back to search for his Money, unbuttoned his Coat, made him pull it off, and ask'd him, what Money his Brother had? he said, he could not tell; that the Prisoner took his Wig, and look'd upon it by Moon-light, that one of them was for killing him too, that he begg'd hard for his Life, and said, it was very hard that one Brother had been killed in coming from another Brother's Funeral, and that the Third must be killed too; that at length the Prisoner said, no, leave him alive to bury the old Rogue his Brother . That they ask'd him, who was behind, or coming that Way, supposing more Persons might be coming from the Funeral.

Mary Tickford depos'd, That the Deceas'd was brought Home at about Two o'Clock in the Morning in a miserable Condition, wounded in the Forehead and Cheek.

Mark Hawkins depos'd, That he was call'd to Thomas Tickford at Two o'Clock in the Morning, and found that his Wounds were Mortal; and afterwards upon opening his Head, found that one Bullet had gone quite through the Cheek, and the other was lodged in one of the Cotes of the Brain.

Sarah Carter depos'd, That the Prisoner had owned that he was in the Robbery and Murther, but was not the Person who shot Thomas Tickford .

Jonathan Broadhurst depos'd, That he had heard the Prisoner own that he was concern'd in this Robbery, and had the Prosecutor's Hat, Gloves, Handkerchief, and Money.

The Fact being plainly proved upon the Prisoner, the Jury found him Guilty of all the Indictments . Death .

This Prisoner was likewise indicted a 4th Time for stealing a Cask of Small Beer, value 4 s. 6 d. the Property of John Brown , the 1st of June last; for which being apprehended, he gave an Information of these Robberies before Justice Danett , designing to be admitted as an Evidence; but being capitally Convicted on three Indictments, the Court thought it unnecessary to try him on this.

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