Charles Ogilby, Samuel Larwood.
2nd June 1731
Reference Numbert17310602-36
VerdictGuilty; Not Guilty

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Charles Ogilby and Samuel Larwood of the Parish of Belfond , were indicted for assaulting Priscilla Scott , Wife of Edward Scott , on the Highway, putting her in Fear of her Life, and taking from her a Snuff Box, value 10 s. a Silk Housewife, and six Shillings in Money , the 11th of May last.

Mrs. Priscilla Scott depos'd, That on the 11th of May last, about 9 a Clock in the Morning, she was in her Chariot upon Hounslow-Heath , in Company with another Gentle-woman, when two Men on Horseback came up to the Chariot, and at first past it, but seeing none but two Women, turn'd back, and riding up to the Coachman, bid him stop, pulling out a Pistol, which he put into the Chariot, bidding me give him my Money, whereupon she put her Hand into her Pocket, and gave him four Shillings; that he said, that was but a little; to which she answered, she had but a little, nor did not bring out much, not thinking that she should have Occasion for it, she only being going to pay a Visit, should not want any Money but to give to the Servants; that then he ransack'd her Pocket, and took her Snuff Box, a Silk Housewife, and two Shillings more. She was very positive that the Prisoner Ogilby was the Person who robb'd her, but she could not be positive as to Larwood , he being on the far Side of the Coach, and as to the Horse that Ogilby rode on, it was a white one.

John Poop depos'd, That he being Constable of Greenford, when they were apprehended, he ordered them to be search'd, and that the Snuff Box and Housewife which were produc'd in Court, and which Madam Scott depos'd to be her's, were taken out of Ogilby's Pocket by - Busby, who confirm'd the same.

Simon Ravenor depos'd, That when he stopp'd the Prisoners, Ogilby was upon a Bay Horse, and Larwood upon a Gray or White Horse, they having chang'd Horses, that he stopping Ogilby, taking hold of his Horse by the Bridle, the Prisoner pull'd out a Pistol, asking him, if he had a Mind to be shot? upon which he immediately dismounted him.

Thomas Spooner depos'd, That he saw the Prisoners at Northolt, where they came in to Drink and Eat, and were very Intimate and Familiar together as two Brothers, and they wanted some Corn for their Horses, and the White or Gray Horse were carried to the Smith's to have a Shoe set on, and when Larwood would have had the Bay Horse have half a peck of Beans, Ogilby would not let him have any till the Gray Horse came from the Smith's , and when he came from the Smith's, Ogilby paid for the shoeing of him.

Giles Spooner depos'd, That he gave each of the Prisoner's Horses half a peck of Beans; and when they mounted as he held the Horses in his Hand, Ogilby took the Bay Horse, and in about 10 Minutes after they were gone, a Man came and gave him Notice of their being Highwaymen, and he pursued and gave Notice to Simon Ravenor , and he took them.

The Prisoners both deny'd the Fact, and Ogilby pleaded that he was invited by Larwood to go with him to Windsor, to an Aunt, of whom he expected to have had some Money, and that he offered to find him a Horse to go with him, and that about 3 Miles off, near Eaton, Larwood began to be melancholy, and he asking the Reason, he told him, it was because he could get no Money of his Aunt, and that he left him at Langley, that himself went to the Ram-Inn at Uxbridge , and there happended to meet with the Evidence - Pritchard, and they rode directly for London. That

being drinking at Hillenden , a Man came upon a Grey Horse in a great Hurry, and as they were drinking on Horse-back at the Door, the Man said, he had had good Luck, and had found a good Foundling, and pull'd out a Handkerchief, a Housewife and Cork-screw, and a Silver Snuff-box, with a Mother-of-Pearl Top, &c. and saying he did not matter keeping them, and offered to sell them for half a Guinea, which he gave him for them, in Proof of which he call'd one

- Pritchard, a Chocolate-maker, near Aldgate, who depos'd the same that Ogilby had pleaded, as to his buying the Snuff-Box, &c. but he being ask'd by the Court, whether this Man that sold Ogilby the Snuff-Box, &c. was not the Prisoner Larwood? He reply'd, he could not say whether it was he or not.

But the Jury not giving Credit to his Evidence, and the Fact being plainly prov'd upon Ogilby, the Jury found him guilty of the Indictment. Death . But the Evidence against Larwood not being so direct as against the former, he was acquitted .

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