Richard Trapp.
28th April 1731
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Richard Trapp , alias Blue Dick , of Paddington , was indicted for assaulting John Monk on the Highway, putting him in fear, and taking from him 2 Cloth Coats, value 30 s. a Wastcoat, a pair of Boots and Spurs, a Guinea, a half Guinea, and 12 s. in Money , the 19th of March last.

The Prosecutor depos'd, that he being near Paddington , about Nine o'Clock at Night, the day laid in the Indictment, he was met by the Prisoner at the Bar and another, that he caught hold of his Horse's Bridle, and snapp'd a Pistol at him, but it did not go off; that he ask'd, what they wanted? They said, Money; to which he reply'd, they should have what he had. That they ask'd for his Watch, and then took him by the Collar, he being dismounted , and then telling him he must go along with him, led him into a Field, took his Coat, Wastcoat, Hat, Money, &c. and run the muzzle of his Pistol into his Eye, and almost blinded him; that they stripp'd him of his Clothes, and abus'd him very much; that they having left him , he got to a Friend's

House at Paddington, and they put him to Bed. That Humphreys, the Accomplice, asking, if the Horse was his own? the Prisoner said, it was not his own Horse, but one he had borrow'd . The Prosecutor being ask'd, if he was sure the Prisoner was the Person? He reply'd, yes; that he was a considerable time with them, and it was so Light that he could distinguish, and he had known the Prisoner several Years, he using sometimes to Work at Harrow on the Hill at Harvest-work, and had drank in his Company.

John Humphreys depos'd, That the Prisoner came to him, and he gave him leave to lodge at his House, and he ask'd me to go with him to his Mother-in-law's House at Harrow on the Hill, and they carried down Fish and Parsnips , this was on Thursday, and they came back to London the next Day on Friday, and they met the Prosecutor and robb'd him as he has before depos'd, and afterwards bid himlend him his Knife, that he (this Evidence) said, if you take his Money, you shall not Murder him. That the Prosecutor desir'd him to let him have some of his Clothes to cover him, and the Prisoner d - n'd him, and said, I will cover you, and fell to laying of him on very barbarously, and he got him into his Arms, and took him away from him; that the Prisoner bid him, this Evidence, go higher on the Road, and stay till he came to him; that he did, and waited till about 12 or 1 o'Clock, and lay down to sleep till he came to him.

The Prisoner deny'd the Fact, and call'd the following Evidences to prove that he was at Home at his Mother-in-law's House in Roxith in Harrow Parish all that Night that Mr. Monk was robb'd.

Thomas Dell depos'd, That he saw the Prisoner at Roxith that Day at about 6 o'the Clock in the Evening, that he stood talking with him a quarter of an Hour over the Pales .

Mary Priest depos'd, The Prisoner lay that Night the young Man was robb'd, where she lodg'd at Roxith .

Mary Turner depos'd, The Prisoner came Home that Friday between 7 and 8 o'Clock at Night , and went to Bed with his Wife.

Mary Saltenstal depos'd the same the former Evidence had done . And that John Humphreys call'd him up by 5 o'the Clock next Morning to go to London, that she made a Fire about 9 a Clock at Night, and he sat up by the Fire, and leaned his Head against the Oven's Mouth, and she lock'd him in, and left him asleep there.

Mary Streke depos'd, That she saw the Prisoner talking to Thomas Dell about 6 o'Clock, and John Humphreys sat at a Tree a little distance, and Trapp went down the Lane to go Home, and Humphreys followed him.

In Contradiction to these Evidences.

Richard Burch depos'd, That he saw Blue-Dick, the Prisoner, much about 7 o'Clock that Friday Night that Mr. Monk was robb'd, go by his House at Stone-bridge , about 5 miles from the Place where the Robbery was committed.

Jeffery Burch depos'd, That he saw the Prisoner and Humphreys lying near Mary le Bone, as if they were asleep, and going to the Rose and Crown in Paddington , and having heard that Mr. Monk had been robb'd, he suspected they had been concern'd in it, and told some Persons where they might go and find them under a heap of Straw. The Fact being fully prov'd to the Satisfaction of the Jury, they found him guilty of the Indictment. Death .

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