George Wych, Thomas Andrews, William Williams.
24th February 1731
Reference Numbert17310224-43
VerdictsGuilty; Not Guilty; Guilty; Guilty; Not Guilty; Guilty
SentencesDeath; Death; Death

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George Wych , Thomas Andrews , alias Anderson , and William Williams , of St. George Hanover-Square , were indicted for assaulting James Webb , in a certain Field and open Place, near the Highway, putting him in fear of his Life, and taking from him a Silver-Watch and Chain, a Hat, and 15 s. in Money, and a Dutch Skilling and five Keys , the 16th of January last.

James Webb depos'd, That he was coming over Chelsea-Fields , about 7 o'Clock at Night, and was there robb'd by several Persons, but it was Dark, and he could not swear to any of their Faces; that they beat him very heartily, and fired a Pistol, and he had a very narrow Escape; and that when Andrews was in Custody, he had his Hat on his Head.

James Brown depos'd, That the Prisoners, and himself, committed the Robbery; that they were together on the 16th of January, and being in the Pye-Fields near Chelsea, they met the Prosecutor, and another Gentleman in a Night-Gown, and they took from the Prosecutor, the Things mentioned in the Indictment, and a Green Purse, a Guinea and some Silver, and a Gold Seal from his Friend who was in the Night-Gown; that George Wych beating the Prosecutor with the Butt-End of his Pistol, it went off backwards; that when he was apprehended, he directed where the Prisoners were, and that one Margaret

Robinson had the Prosecutor's Watch, &c. and that she had given them to the Man of the House were they lodg'd.

This Evidence being call'd upon to prove, that the Prisoners and himself had been acquainted, call'd - Brown.

- Brown, a Beadle, depos'd, That he had seen Brown, the Evidence, and two of the Prisoners together, that as he was going to Hammersmith , some time before the Robbery, he met Brown, Wych , and Anderson , just out of Kinsington , near the Adam and Eve , and knowing them, suspected they were upon some ill design, and said to them, what in the Name of God do you do all here together? But as to Williams, he knew nothing at all of him; that the Sunday Night following, Brown was brought to the Watch-House, upon Suspicion of his having robb'd a Coach.

Mr. Clark depos'd, That the Prosecutor brought him a Search Warrant, and they went to the Prisoner's Lodgings, at the Boarded House, in Brown's-Gardens; that when they came into the Room, where Wycb lay, they found him in Bed with one Margaret Robinson , his Clothes being off, having only his Shirt on; that they searching his Pockets, found nothing of the Prosecutor's, but upon the Bed, there was afterwards found a stud, which was owned by one John Lewis ; that they found Andrews in Bed alone, in the next Room, and searching his Pockets, found a loaded Pistol.

That examining Margaret Robinson , she pretended to be the Wife of Wych , and being ask'd about the Prosecutor's Things, she reply'd, That when they found the Constable was in search for them, the Fellows had thrust the Things upon her, and that she had given the Watch, the Gold Seal, and five Keys to the Man of the House, and that as to the Dutch Skilling, Andrews had given it to her.

That then they carried the Prisoners before Justice Blackerby, and there they did own the Commission of this and other Robberies.

John Brown, the Evidence, being ask'd as to his Acquaintance with William Williams ; answer'd, He was not acquainted with him but the Friday Night before, and they committed the Robbery on the Saturday Night next following.

John Thorp depos'd, That he liv'd in Brown's-Gardens, and George Wych and Margaret Robinson took a Lodging of him as Man and Wife, and Thomas Andrews and Brown came to see Wych, after they had been there about a Week, and desir'd that they might lodge there that Night, and lay there on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Night, and on Sunday they went out late, and came home about 1 or 2 o'Clock, and that Margaret Robinson had given him the Prosecutor's Watch, a Seal, and 5 Keys.

Margaret Robinson depos'd, That the Keys and Pocket-Piece were given her by Andrews , and the Seal and other Things were found in the Room in the Morning, and she gave them to Thorp.

- depos'd, That when they had Wych and Andrews in Custody, they own'd this and other Robberies, and that they had appointed to meet Williams that Day at a Barbers, between 11 and 1 o'Clock, and he was apprehended accordingly.

The Prisoners all deny'd the Fact, and call'd the following Evidences to their Reputation.

One Evidence depos'd, That he had known George Wych for some time; that he was Educated at Westminster-School, but could say nothing as to the Fact, but sear'd it was too true.

Another depos'd, That he had been Tutor to him for 4 or 5 Years.

Another depos'd, That Wych had been Sick at her House, and had not been out of her House for two Months till the 4th of January last.

- A Surgeon depos'd, That he had been Sick, and he attended him till about the beginning of January; but being interrogated by the Court, upon what Account he did attend him, he was oblig'd to own, that he had had him in a Salivation.

- depos'd, That Anderson had been his Servant, he keeping a Brandy Ware-House, and he behav'd himself very honestly to him, but that he turn'd him out about December last, because he lay out one Night, and he believ'd he kept had Company.

- depos'd, That Williams had been his Servant till about April last; that he was a Chapman, sold Cambrick, and such other Goods at Bath, Cambridge, &c. that he had behav'd himself very honestly while with him, and he had intrusted him to receive several hundred Pounds at the Bank; but he had nothing to say as to his way of living for the last Months.

After a full hearing of the Matter, tho Jury found George Wych and Thomas Andrews , alias Anderson guilty of this Indictment. Death . But acquitted William Williams .

George Wych, Thomas Andrews and William Williams, of St. George Hanover-Square, were indicted a second Time, for that they, together with William Seabrook , not yet taken, did assault John Lewis on the King's High-way, put him in fear of his Life, and took from him a Hat, value 10 s. a Handkerchief, a Common-Prayer Book, 2 half Guineas, and 9 s. 4 d. in Money , on the 17th of January last.

John Lewis depos'd, That on the Night mention'd in the Indictment, he was going along near Buckingham Wall , having a lighted Link in his Hand, that there he was met by five Men, that they said to him, D - n you, put out your Link; that he taking them for drunken Men, said, what do you mean, Gentlemen? That then they said again, D - n Your Bl - d, you Son of a B - h, put out your Link; and Wych came up, and presented a Pistol to him, and took away his Link, and gave it to another of them, and he put it out with his Foot; and then they took from him his Hat, Wig, Money, and one Stud that was in his Pocket, and he was sure that all the three Prisoners were the Men who robb'd him, he having an Opportunity of seeing their Faces by the Light of his Link; and that he describ'd them to the Officer who took them; that when they had robb'd him, they struck up his Heels, and one of them cry 'd, D - n him, throw him into the Ditch; he added, That the Stud found on Wych's Bed was his Stud .

John Brown , the Evidence, depos'd, That himself, the three Prisoners, and William Seabrook , not taken, robb'd the Prosecutor, confirming all that he had depos'd, adding, That George Wych took the Link out of the Prosecutor's Hand, gave it to him, and he put it out with his Foot; that Anderson had the Prosecutor's Hat, himself his Wig, but he knew of but four Shillings of the Money. That the Night following they were taken, having robb'd a Coach near Stretton-Ground, Seabrook and Williams went to their Lodgings, and himself, Wych and Anderson went to their Lodgings in Brown's-Gardens, and went to Supper, and afterwards went out and robb'd the Coach.

Charles Dubois depos'd, That he took Brown and Wych by the Description of the Coachman, but Wych got away from him.

Thomas Saunders depos'd, That Dubois brought Brown to him, upon Suspicion of Robbing a Coach, and as they were going to carry him to the Gatehouse, he desir'd to speak with him, and then made a Discovery of the Prisoners, and where they might be taken, and they were taken accordingly, as has been before depos'd.

Mr. Beadle confirm'd the Evidence of Saunders, &c. and the Fact being plainly prov'd against all the three Prisoners, the Jury found them all three guilty of the Indictment. Death .

These Prisoners were all three indicted again a third time, for that they, together with William Seabrook , not taken, did assault Joseph Willis , in a certain open Place, near the King's Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him a Purse, a Gold Seal, one Guinea, and 19 s. in Money , the 16th of January last.

The Prosecutor depos'd, That he was walking in his Night-Gown in Chelsea-Fields , with James Webb , the first Prosecutor, and was robb'd of the Things mention'd in the Indictment, and that the Gold Seal, which was produc'd in Court, was found in the Hands of Thorp, the Prisoner's Landlord, in Brown's-Gardens.

John Brown depos'd to the purpose as he had done before, as to the Robbing Mr. Webb; but as to the Guinea he had no stare of that, they pretending that had been lost in the Fields; but the rest of the Money they shar'd at the Coach and Horses in Westminster.

The rest of the Evidence was to the same Purpose, as in the foregoing Trials, and the Fact being plainly prov'd against Wych and Anderson, the Jury found them guilty of the Indictment; but it not being so fully prov'd against Williams, they acquitted him of this Indictment.

George Wych and Thomas Andrews , were likewise indicted a fourth Time, for assaulting Mary Harrison on the Highway, putting her in fear, and taking from her a Wedding-Ring, 4 s. 6 d. in Money, and a Stone with a Hole and String in it , the 18th of January last.

Mary Harrison depos'd, That she having been at London, was coming home in a Coach between 12 and 1 o'Clock in the Morning, and being in the broad Way in Westminster, near Orchard-Street , the Coach was stopp'd, and Wych took off her Ring, and Andrews took her Money, and the Stone out of her Pocket; the Stone was produc'd in Court, it was of no value, but a sort of common Pebble, with a natural Hole in it, and a String, which the Prosecutor said, she carry'd in her Pocket for her Fancy, it being call'd a Lucky-Stone.

John Brown depos'd, That the Prisoners and himself committed this Robbery likewise; but Williams and Seabrook were not in it, they being gone home.

- Tireman, the Coachman, depos'd, That he took up two Gentlewomen, and having sate one down, was to carry the other to Westminster, and being in the broad way, was met by some Men, who caus'd him to stop, and he heard the Woman shrick , and the Horses mov'd a little, and they cry'd again, stop, stop, after which, he drove to the Golden Ball, and the Gentlewoman said, she had been robb'd, and was in a great fright, and burst out a crying; that himself was in a fright, and got a Dram of Brandy, and as he was telling the Man of the House, a Watchman was by and over-heard him, and he describing the Men, they were afterwards taken.

Dubois confirm'd the latter Part of this Evidence, and that he afterwards apprehended Brown , the Evidence, and Wych, and the Constable depos'd, That the Stone was found in Andrews's Pocket when he was apprehended .

This Fact also being fully prov'd, the Jury found them guilty of this Indictment. Death .

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