William Holland, John Barnet.
4th December 1730
Reference Numbert17301204-79

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William Holland and John Barnet , of St. Mary's White-Chapel , were indicted for assaulting James Ivory , in a Field, or open Place, near the Highway, putting him in fear, and taking from him a Bag, Value 1 d. an Iron Tobacco Stopper, and 17 s. in Money , the 15th of October last.

The Prosecutor depos'd, That he being in White-Chapel-Fields , at the back-side of the Mount, about 10 o'Clock at Night, he met two Men in Soldiers Clothes with Cutlasses, he passed by them, and they bid him good Night; that then he saw two others, the two first came back, and said, they must have his Money; he told them, he was a very poor Man, and hoped they were but in jest; they told him, they were in earnest, and would have it, and the Man in Soldiers Clothes stood by him with a Pistol, and the other riffled his Pocket, and they asked him, If he had a Fob? That when they had robbed him, the Soldier said, go about your Business.

James Asey depos'd, That the Prisoners were with him that Night at a Brandy-shop, and they agreed to go out a Robbing, and went together into the Fields, and the Prisoners broke open a Shed, and found nothing there but an old Broom, and an old Tinder-Box, and they pull'd the Stick out of the Broom, and took it away; that they staid till about Ten o'Clock at Night, and met the Prosecutor with a Basket, that Holland went up to him with a Pistol, and Barnet took the Money out of his Pocket, which was about 17 Pence three Farthings as he pretended, and he gave them 3 d. a-piece, and

spent Four-pence Half-penny, but sunk the Money that was in the Bag; that he did see something in his Hand like a Purse or Bag, and the next Morning Barnet had bought him new Shoes, Stockings and Shirt, upon which they rallied him for cheating them, telling him, he said, last Night he had not a Farthing, and that thereupon Holland said he would keep the Pistol.

John Falkener depos'd, That on the 16th of October, Barnet, Asey and Holland were at Shelton's drinking, and they were talking about the Money, and they said they had but 3 d. Half-penny a-piece, and Holland said he saw Barnet take something out of his Pocket that look'd like a Purse, and that they were all talking together of that Robbery, and that Barnet had bought new Shoes, Stockings and Shirt, and gave half a Pint of Gin for Beverage; after a full hearing of the Matter, the Jury found them both Guilty of the Indictment. Death .

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