Nicholas Bennet, Joseph Robinson, John Head, George Taverner.
28th August 1730
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Nicholas Bennet , Joseph Robinson , John Head , and George Taverner , of St. James's Clerkenwell , were indicted for assaulting John Berrisford , in the House of Joseph Walker , putting him in Fear of his Life, and taking from him two half Guineas, two Six-pences, two Half-pence, and a Counter , the 29th of August last.

John Berrisford depos'd, That he being carried to New-Prison about Two o'Clock in the Morning, was in the Bed-Ward , but did not Care to go to Bed; that about Seven o'Clock in the Morning when they unlock the Prison, Bennet and Robinson came and took him thence, one by one Shoulder, and the other by the other, and carried him by Violence out of that Room into another, and let down the Windows, and darkened the Room, and said, D - n your Blood, give us your Money, and some cry'd, Garnish, Garnish; that they threw him down, and took away two half Guineas, ty'd him down to the Floor, and also took two Six-pences, two Half-pence, and a Counter; but the Room being darkened, he would not swear positively to any but Bennet and Robinson.

Another Evidence depos'd, That he being carried to New-Prison at a Quarter before Eleven o'Clock, had given a Shilling for his Bed, and another for his Friend, and about half an Hour past One the Prosecutor was brought in, and he advis'd him to have a Bed, but he refus'd, saying, he had Money to pay for a Bed, but he should not Sleep, and to Bed he would not go; that about Seven o'Clock in the Morning we were unlock'd, and the Prisoners came in, and cry'd, D - n your Blood, come pay your Garnish, that the Prosecutor not owning he had Money, that they said to him, you have Money, and Money we will have; that they threw him violently on the Floor, and took his Money, and ty'd him down to the Floor ; that Head held up his Hand in the Yard, and made his Brags of the two Six-pences and two Half-pence, saying, see what I have got; that he showing the Counter, said to the Prosecutor, perhaps you'll say this is your half Guinea; that the Prosecutor reply'd, No, I know I had a Counter in my Pocket.

Anne Perry depos'd, That she went up to see how it was, and Taverner took a Rope, and ty'd the Prosecutor down to the Rings in the Floor, and that afterwards Bennet said to Head, go up, the Cut's ty'd down, and when he came down, he said to Bennet, here Nick, here is two Six-pences, and two Half-pence, all the Cull has got ; and that when he was at Justice Robe's, he own'd he had taken two Six-pences and two Half-pence from the Prosecutor.

Thomas Smith, Servant to Mr. Walker, the Keeper of the Prison, depos'd, That he hearing of the Robbery, went and enquir'd of the Prosecutor who it was, and he was positive to Bennet and Robinson, and describ'd their Dress; that then he carried them before Justice Robe, in Order to be prosecuted. These Circumstances were confirm'd by other Evidences.

Elias Paul , the Constable, that carried the Prosecutor to New-Prison, depos'd, That when the Prosecutor was at the Watch-House, he had two half Guineas, and that when he came to New-Prison, he advis'd him to give his Money to the Turnkey, telling him, he would be in Danger of losing it; but he was not willing, saying, he could keep it himself, and he gave him a Piece of Paper to wrap it in. After a full hearing of the Matter, the Jury found all the Prisoners guilty of the Indictment. Death .

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