Nicholas Gilburn.
28th August 1730
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Nicholas Gilburn , of Paddington , was indicted for assaulting John Hall on the Highway, putting him in fear, and taking from him fifty Yards of Paudesoy Silk, value 15 l. four Pair of Stockings, &c . the 17th of July last.

The Prosecutor depos'd, That he was coming from Watford towards London, and being near Paddington at about a Quarter past 9 o'Clock, he was met by the Prisoner and another on Foot, who ask'd him the way to some Town, that he knew nothing of, and presently presented a Pistol, crying, Boh! Stand; and the Prisoner bidding the other come up, the Prisoner held the Pistol, and bid him dismount, and the other rifled his Pockets, and took out 1 s. two Six-pences, and five Pence in Half-pence: He bid the other also cut the Bags from behind the Saddle, and while they were robbing him, ask'd him several

Questions; why he had so little Money? What was his Name and Trade? Where he liv'd, &c. That having taken his Bags and Money, and hearing the Noise of the Wheel of a Cart about two hundred Yards off coming along, they having detain'd him near half an Hour, the Prisoner flourish'd his Pistol, and bid him mount, and be gone. That then he rode to Paddington, but could not get any Assistance to go in Pursuit of them, and therefore made the best of his way home. That going afterwards in quest of them to Paddington several times, he being inform'd that a Highway-Man had been taken at Vaux-Hall , went to the Jail in Southwark, and inquiring for the Prisoner, was inform'd there was no such Person, but some others were expected in that Afternoon; whereupon he went again, and saw the Prisoner who had been taken up, and brought in by the Impeachment of Wilson, who was Hang'd last Kingston Assizes. He was positive the Prisoner was one of the Persons who Robbed him; whereupon the Jury being fully satisfied, found the Prisoner guilty of the Indictment. Death .

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