Francis Hackabout.
28th February 1730
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Francis Hackabout , of St. Mary Islington , was indicted for Assaulting Aaron Durel on the Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him a Peruke, value 20 s. and a Guinea, and 2 or 3 Shillings in Silver , the 28th of January last.

He was also indicted a Second time for Assaulting George Bailey on the Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him a Watch, two Guineas, and 17 s. in Silver , the 28th of January last.

Aaron Durel depos'd, That as he was coming from Islington , in Company with George Bailey , between 7 and 8 o'Clock at Night, the Prisoner and another met them just by the Dog-House, presented a Pistol to him, bid him deliver his Money, or he would shoot him through the Head; that the Prisoner came and rifled his Pockets, and the other took his Wig, and when they had Robb'd me, and my Friend, they came and took me by the Hand, and said, they were Men of Honour, and bid us go about our Business .

George Bailey depos'd the same that Mr. Durel had done, that the Prisoner did Rob Mr. Durel , and the other Robb'd him; and that he having got his Money, would have his Watch too, which he not being willing to part with, the Prisoner said to his Partner, have you got his Watch? The Prisoner said, I was a saucy Dog, saying, D - n me he would have it; and that another coming by, the Prisoner said, let him go, here is another.

As to the manner of his being apprehended, the Relation whom they had been to see at Islington, hearing of a Robbery, sent to Mr. Durel, to know, if it had so happened to him, and finding it to be so, and he describing the Prisoner, he was inform'd that he might be helped to the fight of him; whereupon they went in quest of him to several suspected Houses, and found him at the Anchor and Vine in Featherstone-street, in Bunhill-Fields, in a Room in Company with fifteen or sixteen Men, and one Woman playing at Cards; and Mr. Durel, at the first Sight of him, said positively, this is the Man that Robb'd me: The Fact being plainly prov'd, the Jury found him Guilty of the Indictment. Death .

Mr. Huggins mov'd by Council, to be admitted to Bail; but the Court did not think proper to grant it.

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