Ferdinando Shrimpton, Robert Drummond.
28th February 1730
Reference Numbert17300228-70
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty; Guilty

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Ferdinando Shrimpton and Robert Drummond , alias Godfrey, alias Bell , of St. John Hackney , were indicted, the former, for the Murder of Simon Pechant , by giving him one mortal Wound with a Pistol-Bullet in the Arm, the length of half an Inch, and the depth of 3 Inches, the 12th of January last; and Robert Drummond being present, aiding and abetting . They were also indicted a second time, for assaulting Samuel Tyson , Esq ; on the Highway, putting him in fear, and taking from him a Silver Watch, and 10 s. in Money , on the 12th of January last.

William Shrimpton depos'd, That he was with the Prisoners, on Sunday, about 12 o'Clock at Night, in Kingstand Road; that they seeing a Light, rode towards it, they being on Horse-back, and himself on Foot, that between Kingstand Road and the Cock , Shrimpton rode up to the Chariot and fir'd a Pistol, and Drummond rode to the Chariot to take the Gentleman's Money; but his Horse would not go near enough to it; that then Shrimpton rode up to it, and said, D - n you, your Money, your Watch, and your Rings; that he himself was upon the Cause-way, and he bid him Dismount the Gentleman's Man, and the Lad tumbled off the Horse; that he got up, and they rode away, and afterwards took off the Saddle, and turn'd the Horse up in the Road, and then they went to Drummond's House a pretty way in Rag-Fair, and there shar'd the Money; Drummond valuing the Watch at 45 s. allowing them 15 s. a piece, and that Drummond said, they must pay their share of a Quarters Rent of his House; and that then Drummond kept the Watch himself.

Samuel Tyson , Esq; depos'd, That as he was going Home in his Chariot with a Light, the 12th of January, he hearing a Pistol go off, let down the Window to see what was the Matter, and two Men came to the Coach, and said, D - n you, your Watch, and your Rings; that he observ'd two Men on Horse-back and one on Foot; that he gave them his Watch and Money, they demanding his Rings, he put his Hand out of the Chariot, and said, he wore none, and that he had no more; that one of them said, damn you, come away, that they took his Horse, but he came Home the

next Day; that his Servant was shot in the Arm, and died 8 Days after.

John Parry depos'd, That when the Prisoners were brought to the County Goal of Surry , the Watch Mr. Tyson own'd to be his, was taken upon Drummond, who said, he bought it at a Publick-House in the City.

Mr. Robinson, the Surgeon, depos'd, That the Deceas'd, before his receiving that Wound, was in perfect Health, and he did believe the Fever was the Cause of his Death. The former Evidence was confirm'd by Anthony Davis .

The Prisoners deny'd the Fact, and call'd some Persons to their Character, but this availing not, against positive Evidence, the Jury found them both guilty of the Indictment. Death .

Ferdinando Shrimpton, and Robert Drummond , were indicted a third time, for assaulting Robert Furnel on the Highway, and putting him in fear, and taking from him a Gelding, Value 12 l. a Watch, and a Guinea and a half, and some Silver, and a Whip , the 18th of January last.

The Prosecutor depos'd, That as he was riding from Hammersmith to Turnham-Green , three Men came up to him, and bid him stand, and took a Guinea and a half, his Watch, and his Whip; that he thinks it was William Shrimpton took his Money, and the other Shrimpton his Whip, and the third Man, was of the size of Drummond. That one of them said , D - n you, yours is a good Horse, that he desiring them not to take his Horse; they reply 'd, D - n you, there is a Horse for you, and that Horse was a little bigger than a Jack Ass ; that there having 6 or 7 Waggons been robb'd, he heard 3 Men were taken at Weybridge, and he going thither, found his Watch at Esquire Hapton's, and his Horse at the Inn in Weybridge . That the Prisoners being in the Prison in Southwark, Shrimpton said, we gave you a little Horse, that we had taken from a Drover that Night .

William Shrimpton depos'd, That they being between Acton and Turnham-Green, Ferdinando Shrimpton hearing 2 Men riding along, they rode up to them, and Ferdinando Shrimpton attack'd Furnel, and Drummond robb'd the other, taking their Horses, and the Money, &c. and they rode towards Brentford, but gave him no share of the Money; the Fact being prov'd, the Jury found them both guilty of this Indictment likewise.

Ferdinando Shrimpton, and Robert Drummond , were indicted a 4th time, for assaulting Jonathan Cockup , on the Highway, and taking from him a Bay Gelding, Value 10 l. 2 Hampers, 5 rosting Pigs, and several Joints of Pork, and other Goods , the 14th of January last.

The Prosecutor depos'd, That he was robb'd in Hampstead-Road , near the Halfway-house, about 6 o'Clock in the Morning, the 14th of January last, by 3 Men, and he was positive the Prisoners were 2 of them, and William Shrimpton the third; that they were all 3 on Horse-back; that he was going to London with his Goods, that he desiring them not to rob a poor Man, they said, D - n him, they would take his Horse, and all he had; that he not letting go his Horse's Bridle, one of them struck him a Blow on the side of his Face, near the Eye, and made the Fire fly out of it; that they drove away his Horse, Panniers, with Pigs, Spare-ribs, &c. before them; that afterwards hearing at Cheshunt , that 3 Men had been taken up, he went to Weybridge, and there found his Horse,

William Shrimpton depos'd, That on the Wednesday Morning after they had committed the Robbery on Justice Tyson, they went together to Hampsteads, and meeting the Prosecutor near the Half-way-house, they robb'd him, as he had before sworn; that Ferdinando Shrimpton, drove the Prosecutor's Horse so fast before him, that the Panniers turn'd round under the Horse's Belly; that they took out the Pigs, and Pork, and left the Panniers in the Road, and Drummond rode the Prosecutor's Horse, till they were taken at Weybridge.

John Simonds depos'd, That on the 19th of January, about 10 o'Clock in the Morning, he was inform'd that there were 3 suspicious Persons at the Anchor-Inn at Weybridge; that he went and acquainted some Neighbours, and got them to go with him, each of them furnishing himself with Fire-Arms, and other Weapons, and went to the Anchor-Inn; that he went into the Inn-yard, the others standing

at the Gate, and found they had paid their Reckoning ; and were just going away; that he went immediately to the Stable, lock'd the Door, and put the Key in his Pocket; that they came swearing for their Horses; but he told them, they could not have them, before they had given an Account of themselves; that they going into the Room, they were in before, they apprehending them, found 4 Pistols and a Watch, laid in a Corner, that then they carried them before Justice Hopton, with the Pistols and Watch, that they, there giving no good Account of themselves, the Justice committed them to Prison; this Fact being plainly prov'd, the Jury found them guilty of this Indictment also.

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