John Carter, Peter Rivers.
28th February 1730
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John Carter and Peter Rivers of Uxbridge , were indicted for assaulting Henry Howard on the Highway, putting him in Fear of his Life, and taking from him 3 s. 4 d. in Money, a Pair of Silver Buckles, a Cork-screw, &c . on the 24th of January last.

The Prosecutor depos'd, That he coming from Mr. Rogers's, he met with the Prisoners at Islip , on the 24th of January, that they asked him, If he had any Money? and presented a Pistol to his Breast, that they rifled his Pockets, and took from him the Money, Buckles, &c. mentioned in the Indictment, and bid him go about his Business; that he went back, and meeting with William Hedges , he told him he had been Robb'd, and if any Body would go with him, he would go in pursuit of the Robbers; that he agreeing, they went together.

William Hedges depos'd, That he going with the Prosecutor, met with John Gladman , and enquiring if he met the Prisoners, he informed them he did meet two such Men as the Prosecutor described, so they went in pursuit of them.

John Gladman depos'd, That as he was Riding to Islip, he met the Prosecutor and Hedges, and they enquiring if he had met the Prisoners, and telling him, the Prosecutor, had been Robb'd, he went back with them, and getting sight of the Prisoners near Wicomb, the Prosecutor said, these are the Men that Robb'd me; that they did not Care to apprehend them there, because they could not get help, and therefore they pursued them to Uxbridge Town, where Riding before them, and telling William Wyat and John Skinner that there were Highwaymen coming, they were stopped and apprehended just entering upon the Bridge.

Several other Evidences who were at the apprehending them, depos'd, That upon searching them, they found five Pistols upon the Prisoners, three upon one, and two upon the other, some hanging within side their Coats, and others in their Pockets; and some small Cords, which they suppos'd were design'd for binding Persons on occasion: And that the Prosecutor's Handkerchiefs and Cork-screw were found upon Rivers, and his Buckles on Carter.

The Prisoners denied the Fact, and called a great many Witnesses, who depos'd, That they had known them many Years, and their Families, even their Fathers and Grandfathers; and that they always lived very reputably in the Country, and the Prisoners bore the Characters of very honest Men in the Country thereabouts; they had, had Dealings with them, and always found them very honest; and that they had never heard of any thing amiss of them before this Fact: But the Fact being plainly prov'd, the Jury found them both Guilty of the Indictment . Death .

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