James Drummond.
3rd December 1729
Reference Numbert17291203-12
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty

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James Drummond , of Stepney , was indicted for assaulting Jacob Wakeling Jun. on the Highway, and taking from him a Silver Watch value 4 l. a Seal, value 1 d. a Cane, value 1 s. an Iron Key, value 1 d. and 4 s. in Money the 29th of October last.

Jacob Wakeling junr. thus depos'd, That on the 29th of October going to Bow , between 10 and 11 at Night, I met the Prisoner and another Person: James Drummond took hold of me, and ask'd me where I was going? I told him, Home; he reply'd deliver your Money, which I refusing to do, the Prisoner pull'd

out a Pistol, upon which I went to strike him, and then the other draws his Sword, and prick'd me in the Arm, then feeling for my Money, I fumbled, hoping to save my Watch, but the Prisoner suspecting I was about to conceal something, ask'd me if I wanted to cheat them? then took my Watch from me and broke the Chain in so doing; he also took 4 s. in Money, and my Buckles from my Shoes, but I assuring him the Buckles were not Silver, he returned them again; then he wanted to bind me, but upon my requesting he would not, he charg'd me to go a by-way and acquaint no body with it, for if I did he would kill me, then taking my Cane from me, notwithstanding I begg'd he would not because it was dark, and I could not well walk without it, he would not return it, so I walk'd off without, and got a Watchman and other Assistants as soon as I could, and then went to see if I could meet with them, and we soon met the Prisoner and his Companion, and I said they were the Persons that Robb'd me, upon which Drummond ran away, and I after him, he threatning to shoot me, coming up with him, he fir'd a Pistol under my Arm; the other was on Horseback and got off.

Jacob Wakeling senr. depos'd, That he lost a small Key of a Padlock.

Simon Potter depos'd, That being upon the Watch, Jacob Wakeling came in, and said he was robb'd of his Watch, upon which the Beadle went with us towards Bow, the Watchmen both saw the Highway-men, and Jacob Wakeling knew them; that the Prisoner was on Foot, and he knock'd him down, the Horseman circling about and threatning to shoot them if they did not let them go, and when the Prisoner fir'd, he said well done, then fir'd at them himself, and rode off; then taking the Prisoner to the Watch-house, and searching him, they found upon him 2 Silver Watches, upwards of 28 l. in Money, a Knife and a Chisel; Jacob Wakeling swore to his Watch and 2 Keys, 4 s. in Money and some halfpence.

The Watches were produc'd in Court, with the Pistol the Prisoner fir'd.

Christopher Best depos'd, That he saw 28 l. and 2 Watches, taken out of the Prisoner's Pocket.

Mathew Davis , a Watchman, depos'd, That he took 28 l. and 2 Watches out of the Prisoner's Pocket, and saw the Pistol fir'd by him.

The Prisoner made but a very trifling Defence, saying. That coming from home, he found the 2 Watches in the Road, and pick'd them up, being ask'd if he found the Money too? he said he did, for he heard a great Scuffle and Noise a little before, and believes they might be drop'd then.

The Prisoner call'd 2 Persons to his Reputation, the one was his Landlord, who depos'd, That he had known the Prisoner many Years, but never heard any ill of him before, and if it was so now, he believ'd his Brother drew him into it.

Another Evidence depos'd, That he was Boatswain of one of his Majesty's Ships now, that he had been at Sea with the Prisoner, but never knew any ill of him.

The Jury found the Prisoner guilty of the Indictment. Death .

James Drummond was a second time indicted for assaulting and robbing William Isgrigg on the Highway, and taking from him 16 Guineas, 7 half Guineas, 3 Broad Pieces, 1 Moidore, about 20 s. in Silver, and a Silver Watch, value 2 l. October the 29th .

William Isgrigg depos'd, That going to Bow on the 29th of October at Night, the Prisoner, and another Man on Horseback turn'd upon him, and robb'd him of his Money and Watch, that afterwards hearing a Highway man was taken, he went to see him, and was ask'd, if he lost a Watch? he said he did.

Simon Potter depos'd, That when he took the Prisoner, the Watch then produc'd in Court was found upon him.

William Isgrigg depos'd, That it was the Watch he was robb'd of. The Constable depos'd, That 28 l. odd Money was found on the Prisoner.

The Prisoner being ask'd what he had to say in his Defence? reply'd, he would not give the Court any trouble.

The Jury found him guilty of the Indictment.

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