Esther Morgan.
15th October 1729
Reference Numbert17291015-45

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Esther Morgan , of St. Andrew's Holborn , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Gold Watch, a Gold Snuff Box, value 1 8 l. Diamond Ear-rings, value 18 l. a Suit of Head-cloaths, value 5 l. four Gowns, value 20 l. and divers other Goods of great Value, 49 Guineas, and other Money in Silver, to the Value of 138 l. in the Dwelling House of Martha Thorold , Spinster , the 9th of July last.

The Prosecutor depos'd, that she went out to pay a Visit about 5 a-Clock in the Afternoon, the Day laid in the Indictment, and returning Home betwixt 8 and 9, could not get Entrance; whereupon her Footman went round about, and got in the Back Way, finding the Doors backward all open, and opening the Fore-Door, let her in, saying, Madam you are robb'd; that she going into her Rooms, found her Cabinet broken open, and the Drawers and Band-Boxes, &c. all thrown about the Room, and the Goods and Money mention'd in the Indictment, gone, and finding her Servant. Betty Loyd , and examining her, she pretended to have been bound, and that the Robbery had been committed by two Persons, who she did believe were Men in Women's Cloaths; and that the Servants did not own for a considerable time who committed the Robbery.

Elizabeth Loyd depos'd, That the Prisoner was in the House when the Robbery was committed; and that she saw her carry out a Bundle under her Riding-Hood, but could not see what was in it; that the Prisoner and Margaret Lawrence came to Madam Thorold's the Day before, and when Madam Thorold was gone out, the Prisoner and Margaret Lawrence said they would rob Madam Thorold, and this was while they were binding her; that Margaret Lawrence bound her, Esther Morgan holding her the mean time: and that Margaret Lawrence said she would rob Madam Thorold for Spite and Revenge.

Lucy Hart depos'd, That the Prisoner and Maragaret Lawrence came the Night before they committed the Robbery, to Madam Thorold's House, and lay there all Night, and staid the next Day till Madam Thorold was gone out; that about an

Hour after, she being gone up two Pair of Stairs to carry some Headcloaths of her Mistress's that she had been Ironing, she heard Betty Loyd shriek out, and turning out of the Room to come down, the Prisoner and Margaret Lawrence met her upon the Stairs, and told her they would rob Madam Thorold; that she desired them not to do it, and that the Prisoner said she would do it; that they forc'd her into the Room, and Bound her; that she shriek'd out, and the Prisoner said, If she made any Noise she would kill her; that Betty Loyd was then below stairs in the Back Kitchin; that they unbound her, and said, she should be lock'd up; forc'd her into the Garret up three pair of Stairs, and lock'd her in; and that she was lock'd up about 3 Hours.

Thomas Booth depos'd, That he being sent for to Madam Thorold's, went in pursuit of Esther Morgan ; that he went to one Forster's, a Shoemaker in Tash-Street, along with Madam Thorold's Footman; but was told the Prisoner was gone out; that he demanded the Key of her Room, but not finding the Prosecutor's Goods there, and menacing the People of the House, was inform'd that the Prisoner had carried out some Goods to a Trunkmaker's in Holborn, which by Enquiry he found out, and was there inform'd, that the Prisoner having bought a large Trunk and having put divers Goods into it, it had been carried away by a Porter; that thereupon he made Enquiry after the Porter who carried them, and having found him, he went with him to one Mr. Bushy's, where he found a Trunk mark'd with the first Letters of the Prisoner's Name, but the Prisoner was gone out; that breaking open the Trunk he found divers of the Prosecutor's Goods, as the Gold Watch, Snuff-Box 30 Guineas &c.

John Darnbrough depos'd, That he was call'd to Mr. Forster's House; that the Prisoner was there in a Room, and asked him what he would have to carry a Box and a Bundle to a Trunkmaker's in Holborn; that she agreed with him for 3 d. and he carried them to Mr. Langston's a Trunkmaker's; but could not say what Goods were in the Box and Bundle.

Francis Wright depos'd, that he carried the Trunk from the Trunkmaker's, to the Angel over-gainst Bloomsbury, in Holborn the Prisoner going before him, but knew not what was in it.

Sarah Bushy depos'd, That she had known the Prisoner several Years, but had not seen her before for a Year or two; but accidentally meeting her that Day, she told her, she was coming out of Place, and ask'd her for a Lodging in an honest House, whereupon she offer'd her one in her own; that she soon after sent in the Trunk before-mentioned; that she knew not what was in it; that it was brought about 4 in the Afternoon, and fetch'd away by the same Porter, with the Constable, about 6, and carried to Madam Thorold's House, as it afterwards appear'd. The Fact being plainly prov'd, the Jury found her guilty of the Indictment. Death .

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