John Dyer, Abraham Dumbleton.
15th October 1729
Reference Numbert17291015-19

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John Dyer , and Abraham Dumbleton , were indicted a second time, of St. Andrew Holborn , for assaulting Henry Bradley on the High-way, putting him in fear of his Life, and taking from him a Hat, a Perriwig, and a Cane .

The Prosecutor deposed, that the Day mentioned in the Indictment, at about 12 a-Clock at Night, as he was going Home, in Great Kirby-Street , near Hatton-Garden, he was attack'd by three Persons, was knock'd down, and robb'd of his Hat, Wig, and Cane; that one of them, which he thinks he may be positive of, was the Prisoner, Dyer, came up to him, and said, Good Morrow to you, and catching hold of him, with a short Truncheon struck him, and immediately he was knock'd down, they all laying on him with Blows as fast as they could strike, so that he was miserably bruised, cut to the Scull, one of his Fingers bruised to Pieces, so that he has intirely lost the Use of it; that on this, he cry'd out, which raised the Neighbourhood, so that they did not stay to take his Money, but ran away; that he had two Gold small Picture-Frames in his Hand, which he lost, but were afterwards found in the Place where he was knock'd down.

Henry Cole depos'd, That himself and the two Prisoners went on the Day mention'd in the Indictment from Dyer's House in Cow-Lane, after they had been drinking of Geneva, with a full Resolution to rob, they having no Money; that going to Hatton-Garden, they saw the Prosecutor, and he appearing to be a Person that had Money, they cross'd the Way, and Dyer went up to the Prosecutor, bid him Good Morrow, and struck him; that Dumbleton and himself came up to him, and all of them did lay on him with their Sticks; and that upon Mr. Bradley's crying out, the People in the Neighbourhood were alarm'd; that this oblig'd them to make off, and the People looking out of their Windows, he threw his Stick up at the Windows, and having a Pistol, he (this Evidence) did fire it; that they threw the Hat and Wig into an Area, and came the next Morning, and found them, cut the Cane and Wig to Pieces, and sold the Hat in Long-Lane; that the reason they cut the Wig to Pieces was because it was not very good, and they find them to be Drugs, and yield but little. The Evidence of the Prosecutor and this Witness being coherent, and the Fact being plainly prov'd, the Jury found them both guilty of this Indictment also. Death .

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