Joseph Kemp, Elizabeth Kemp.
9th July 1729
Reference Numbert17290709-51
VerdictsGuilty; Not Guilty; Guilty; Guilty

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Joseph Kemp and Elizabeth Kemp , alias Parsons alias Hughs , of St. Botolph's Aldgate , was indicted for burglariously breaking and entring the Dwelling-House of Sarah Piccard , in the Night-time, and feloniously stealing thence 36 Gold Rings, and Stone Rings, 3 silver Watches, several pieces of silver Plate, and divers other Goods of a considerable Value , the 11th of June last.

The Prosecutor depos'd, That her House was fast shut at between 10 and 11 a-Clock, and was found broken open about 5; that there being an Auger and a strong short Knife left in the Yard, she shewing it to one Kemp, a Relation of the Prisoner's, he seem'd surpriz'd, and desir'd her to let him have the Knife for half an Hour, and he would endeavour to give her some Account of the Owner if he could; that she did deliver him the Knife, and he brought it back, telling her, he had been inform'd that it was the Prisoner's Knife.

Mr.Kemp depos'd, That he being shewn the Knife by the Prosecutor, was surpriz'd, he having been inform'd by his Daughter Joanna Kemp , that she had seen such a sort of a Knife some time before in the Prisoner's possession, he having come one Night to his House while he was gone to Gravesend, at which he was displeased that he was entertain'd, he knowing him to be a disorderly Person.

Joanna Kemp depos'd, that the Prisoner some time before, coming to their House was whetting that Knife, which being an uncommon one, she desir'd him to let her see it, and swore the Knife produc'd in Court was the same Knife that she saw him whetting; that not knowing the Prisoner's Habitation, they enquir'd of one Mrs. Lewis, and being inform'd, went to the Prisoner's House, and did see several Things belonging to the Prosecutor, and one or two of her Watches that had been stolen.

Samuel Gerard , a Constable, depos'd, That Mr. Hoskins and Joanna Kemp came to him, desiring him, being Constable of the Night, to assist them in the apprehending a Felon; another Constable also desiring his Assistance, because the Prisoners were desperate Persons; that accordingly they went, and did apprehend the Prisoners, and there did seize several pieces of Plate, Watches, a Child's Coral, Ring's, and other Goods; that carrying the Prisoners before Justice Osbourn, he committed Joseph Kemp to Newgate, and Elizabeth Kemp to New-Prison; that Elizabeth Kemp was resolutely bent to go to Newgate with her Husband, saying. She was with him in breaking the House, and assisted in carrying the Goods.

It was likewise depos'd, That Elizabeth Kemp swore, That if ever she got out, She would do something to be hang'd herself in a Sessions or two, to be reveng'd on the Persons that had betray'd them, the one being his Uncle, and the other is Cousin.

Jonathan Hoskins depos'd, That he went along with Joanna Kemp to the Prisoner's House, they being shewn the House by another Woman; that being there, he pulling out his Watch, the Prisoner offer'd to buy it, and afterwards, took change with him another Watch for it, which afterwards appear'd to be one of those the Prosecutor had lost; that they went a 2d time with the Constable and others, and did apprehend the Prisoners, and sound divers of the Goods in his Room and the Plate was wrapp'd up in a Great Coat, and cover'd with a Rug; that upon this Joseph Kemp said, he was a dead Man; but desir'd them to use him handsomely.

Josiah Charding depos'd, That asking the Prisoner how the Robbery was committed? he answer'd, That he had done it himself, and that no Person else was in the Robbery with him. The Fact was so plainly prov'd, that Joseph Kemp had nothing material to say in his own Defence; but insisted upon having about 6l. that was taken from him when apprehended, which he pretended was his own Money; but he not proving it, and it rather appearing to have been rais'd by the Sale of part of the Rings, &c. stolen from the Prosecutor, it was not granted.

Elizabeth Kemp , she pleaded, that the Goods were brought to them by the Prisoner's Uncle - Kemp, and invested against Joanna Kemp and Mr. Hoskins for betraying them, coming to their House pretending to be Sweethearts; which, if true, could be of no avail, Upon a full Hearing of the Evidence, the Jury found Joseph Kemp guilty of the Indictment. Death . But Elizabeth Kemp was acquitted , as acting under the Direction and Power of her Husband. Upon the bringing in this Verdict, Elizabeth Kemp very pressingly insisted upon being brought in Guilty, affirming, that she was equally concern'd in the Robbery with him, and desir'd to be Hang'd with him; but the Court did not think meet to gratifie her.

He was likewise indicted a second Time, for burglariously breaking and entring the House of James Wood , in the Night-time, and stealing divers Goods the 7th of February last.

The Prosecutor's Servant depo'd, that the Doors and Windows were made fast between 10 and 11 a-Clock at Night, and that they found the House broken open between 6 and 7 in the Morning.

John Carter a Constable, depos'd, that John Knap came to him, making himself a voluntary Evidence, telling him, he could give him an Account of 4 Burglaries and Roberies committed by the Prisoner and himself, one at Westminster, one in Spittle-Fields, one in Goodman's-Fields, and one in Oldstreet.

John Knap depos'd, that himself was present with the Prisoner at the committing the Fact, and other Circumstances, as producing Part of the Goods confirming his Evidence. The Jury found him guilty of this Indictment also.

Joseph Kemp was indicted a 3d time, of St. James's Westminster , for burglariously breaking and entring the House of Mrs . Mary Paget , in the Night-time, and stealing thence Plate and other Goods, to a great Value , the 20th of March last. The Evidence against the Prisoner was John Knap before-mention'd; whose Evidence being confirm'd by other Circumstances, the Jury found him guilty of this Indictment likewise.

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