William Davis, Theft > burglary, 16th January 1729.

Reference Number: t17290116-30
Offence: Theft > burglary
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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William Davis , of St. Paul's Covent-Garden , was indicted for breaking the House of Thomas Lobe , on the 14th of December last, in the Night Time, and taking thence four silver Spoons, value forty Shillings, eleven Holland Shirts, value five Pounds, and several other Things , the Property of the said Thomas Lobe .

The Prosecutor depos'd, That on the 14th of December, he got up about Seven or Eight in the Morning, and found his House had been broke open, and his Drawers ransack'd; that he had Suspicion of the Prisoner, and one Hewlet, and soon after heard of their offering to sell a silver Spoon of his, mark'd E and O.

Mr. Joyns depos'd, That the Prisoner offer'd a silver Spoon to him to sell, and the Mark of it was E and O; that the Prisoner acknowledg'd the Spoon was not his, but another Person's; that he fetch'd a Man, and a young Woman, who said, The Spoons was her's; that he not liking any of them, gave them the Spoon, and bade them go about their Business.

Mary Ansley depos'd, That one Hewlet told the Prisoner in her Hearing, he had a greal deal of Plate to dispose off, and he would sell some to carry them two down into the Country. That when Davis could not sell the Spoon, they perswaded her to go to Mr. Joyns's, and say, The Spoon was her's, which she did; that they sold the Top of a Mug of Silver, and Spoon, and that they afterwards own'd to her, that they stole those Goods, and others, and she likewise heard the Prisoner confess the same before a Magistrate.

Eleanor Lobe depos'd, That on the Night before the Robbery was committed, she fastned all the Doors of the House very securely; but what confirm'd the Fact, was, the Prisoner's own Confession, which being read in Court, the Purport of it, was, That,

One Richard Hewlet , who had been a Servant to the Prosecutor, shew'd him the Prosecutor's Cellar, and by his Directions, he got into it, on the 14th of December, at Three therein till Two the next Morning, when Davis came, and they together, pick'd a Padlock, and took the Goods mentioned in the Indictment, out of the Prosecutor's House, and convey'd them to the House of one Davis in Suffolk-Street, in the Mint; which Confession being read in Court, the Jury found him Guilty . Death .

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