Thomas Evans, Nathanael Walker, William Taylor, Violent Theft > highway robbery, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 16th October 1728.

Reference Number: t17281016-12
Offences: Violent Theft > highway robbery; Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdicts: Guilty
Punishments: Death
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Thomas Evans , Nathanael Walker and William Taylor , of Hornsey , were indicted for assaulting John Maud , on the Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him a gold Ring, Value five Shillings, and a silk Handkerchief, Value one Shilling , on the 30th of August last.

They were a 2d Time indicted, for assaulting Charles Acton on the Highway, at the same Time, and Place, (being near the Devil's-Gate Hornsey-Lane ) and taking from him a Pair of Brass Buckles, Value Sixpence, and Twopence Halfpenny in Money .

John Maud depos'd, That on the 30th of August, he, with two of his School-Fellows, were going from Hornsey to Highgate, and in Hornsey-Lane, they met three Men, one of whom asked him for Three-half-pence, for a Pint of Drink; that he gave it to them, and then one of them looking at his Ring, said of it was not Gold, he would take it, and one of them saying, it was not Gold, he took it; and that afterwards he took a silk Handkerchief out of his Pocket; Being asked which of the Prisoners did this, he said it was Nathanael Walker; but for the other Prisoners, he could not be positive to any of them.

Charles Acton confirm'd every Part of this Evidence, adding, That he was sure Walker took the Ring and Handkerchief from Mr. Maud, as likewise a Pair of Buckles, and Twopence Halfpenny from himself, and he did believe Evans was one of them; that presently after a Coach came by, and they told the Coachman of their being robb'd.

Richard Allen depos'd, That he stood about twelve Yards Distance from the young Gentlemen, when they were robb'd; that he saw Walker take the Ring from the Finger of Mr. Maud, and the Handkerchief out of his Pocket; that the Prisoners were the very Men who did the Robbery, he having a plain Sight of them all, and saw them run away, when the Coach came, and that he went with others in Pursuit of them.

William Birch depos'd, That he was coming by on his Coach-Box, and the young Gentlemen told him they were robb'd upon which he left his Coach, and pursu'd them; that he saw them begin to run, when they first espy'd the Coach, and that when he came almost up to them, he heard Taylor say, they were taken; that he presently took Evans, who said, he had neither the Ring, nor the Handkerchief; but he confess'd, That they came out for Money, and Money they would have: He further said, That he scarce lost Sight of them till they were all taken.

Thomas White depos'd, That he hearing a Noise of Highwaymen, went in Pursuit of them, and soon after he took Walker in an Elm-Tree, with the Ring and Handkerchief in his Pocket, which he said was given him by one of the Company he was in, and he did not take it himself. The Ring and Handkerchief were produc'd in Court, and swore to by Mr. Maud, the Ring being very remarkable, for it was the Funeral Ring of Mr. Maud's Grandfather, and had his Name on it, which was Humphry Primate. Other Witnesses confirming that they were taken before they were well out of Sight, from the Time of their being first pursu'd, and that they ran, and endeavoured to escape from the Hands of Justice, and when taken, acknowledg'd that they were in Company together, when the Fact was committed, the Jury found them all three Guilty . Death .

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